James E. Carney Award for Public Health Legislation

James E. Carney, Assistant Director of Community Affairs and Legislative Liaison retired from the Rhode Island Department of Health (HEALTH) in 1994. In his honor HEALTH established the Public Health Legislation Award. During Mr. Carney's tenure, the General Assembly established significant and often ground breaking public health policy, such as reducing Second Hand Smoke, support for a Universal Immunization program for Rhode Island's children, Lead Safe Legislation, and regulatory oversight of Utilization Review.

Effective public policy is a cornerstone of public health. HEALTH responds to the health challenges and issues of the population through public policy initiatives. The Carney Award recognizes Rhode Islanders who "have been instrumental in the promotion or enactment of legislation which has advanced the aims or mission of public health."

Nomination Process

  • Nominees must be Rhode Islanders who have been instrumental in the promotion or enactment of legislation that advance the aims or mission of public health. (HEALTH employees are not eligible.)
  • The Executive Committee at HEALTH will make a final decision and reserves the right to forego the naming of an awardee in any year.

Past Recipients

  • 2009 Senator Charles J. Levesque and Representative Eileen Naughton
    HIV/AIDS Legislation Sponsor and Advocate
  • 2006 Dorothy Brayley, Representative Joseph M. McNamara, and Senator V. Susan Sosnowski
    Leadership in School Health and Nutrition
  • 2004 Representative Gordon D. Fox and Senator V. Susan Sosnowski
    Public Health and Workplace Safety Act
  • 2003 Representative Steven M. Costantino
    Leadership and Legislative Achievements
  • 2002 Senator Elizabeth H. Roberts
    Advancing the Aims & Mission of Public Health
  • 2001 North Providence Councilman Paul F. Caranci
    Leadership in Diabetes and Tobacco Policy
  • 2000 William Ankner and Edward Walsh
    Traffic Safety Legislation
  • 1999 Senator John H. Chafee
    Leadership and Legislative Achievements
  • 1998 Senator Charles J. Fogarty
    Health Care Quality Program
  • 1997 Representative Nancy Benoit
    Leadership and Legislative Achievements
  • 1996 Representative George Zainyeh
    Health Care Accessibility and Quality Assurance
  • 1995 Senator Thomas J. Izzo
    Reducing Youth Access to Tobacco