Cynthia McKay
Deputy State Registrar

Adult Adoptee Data

  • Purpose: To comply with state law amendments, passed in July 2011, that allow adult adoptees to receive copies of their original birth certificates starting in July 2012.
  • Key Information: Number of original birth certificates released to adult adoptees; number of contact preference forms filed by birth parents of adopted children; birth parent contact preferences
  • Collection Period: 2011 to present

Rhode Island Numbers

  • Number of Original Birth Certificates released: 938
  • Number of Contact Preference Forms received: 29
  • Number of birth parents who would:
    • Like to be contacted: 19
    • Like to be contacted through an intermediary: 0
    • Not like to be contacted: 10

Data updated December 31, 2013

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Source: Office of Vital Records, Rhode Island Department of Health