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Controlled Substance Usage

Rhode Island Numbers

Schedule 2 Pain Reliever and Stimulant Usage, 2004 - 2015

  • In October 2014 - Hydrocodone containing products moved from Schedule III to Schedule II.
  • While the number of prescriptions for stimulants continues to rise, there is a downward trend in the number of prescriptions for pain at the beginning of 2014.

Under Utilization of Prescription Monitoring Program Reporting 2014 - current

  • The vast majority of prescribers are not using the Prescription Monitoring Program when they prescribe Schedule 2 drugs to check and see if the patient has other prescriptions.
  • While there is much opportunity for improvement, utilization of PMP reached its highest level in June 2014.

Benzodiazepine Usage, 2014 - current

Benzodiazepines are frequently used by drug abusers in combination with an opiate and a muscle relaxant.

  • There are about five doses of Benzodiazepines, more than three doses of opioid pain medication, and more than one dose of prescription stimulants dispensed for every Rhode Islander every month this year.

Prescription Drug Abuse, based on buying patterns, 2004 - 2014

  • The number of individuals who went to more than 4 prescribers or more than 4 phamacies in a year to get Schedule 2,3 drugs doubled from 2004 to 2013. While the numbers have dropped a bit from 2011 there are still close to 1200 people a year who exhibit this abusive behavior.
  • We believe that increased utilization of the PMP by doctors and pharmacists will sharpen the downward trend.