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Water Quality

June Swallow

Emergency Procedures

Boil Water Advisories

Boil water advisories are issued by the Office of Drinking Water Quality when biological contamination has been found in public water supply systems that may cause illness. Water is boiled to kill bacteria that may be present in the water so that it is safe to drink.

What you should do if. . .

You drink water from an area where an advisory has been issued

  • Boil your water before drinking (more)
  • Clean and sanitize household items and appliances that might have been contaminated. (more)
  • Follow the news to see when the boil water advisory is lifted (more)

You are a Food Establishment

  • Boil water for your customers (more)
  • Clean and sanitize all machines that dispense drinking water including ice machines, soda dispensers, vending machines, vegetable and fish sprays, and drinking fountains before returning to use clean water (more)

You are supplying bulk water during an an advisory

  • Make sure the mobile water tank meets the minimum regulatory standard (more)
  • Have the local plumbing authority approve installation of bulk water system.
  • Only use water suppliers approved by the Office of Drinking Water Quality
  • Secure all storage tanks against unauthorized entry or tampering at hatches, valves and pipe connections.
  • Maintain records of each delivery including: water supply company name, time, date, number of gallons received and chlorine residual.
  • Make records available for inspection by Office of Drinking Water Quality personnel.