Food Safety Managers

Food Safety Managers are trained and employed by businesses that serve food to make sure that the proper procedures are followed to protect against food-related illnesses. Only certified people may use the title "Manager Certified in Food Safety", or in any way represent themselves as such.

What restaurants and other businesses that serve food must do

  • Employ at least one full-time, on-site, food safety manager if potentially hazardous foods are prepared;
  • Employ at least two full-time, on-site, food safety managers, if they have ten or more full-time employees directly involved in food preparation;
  • Have a food safety manager present during preparation of all hot, potentially-hazardous food if the facility primarily serves the elderly or individuals with diminished immune systems;
  • Employ a new certified food safety manager or have an existing employee enroll in a food safety manager certification program within sixty (60) days, if a food safety manager terminates employment; (The Office of Food Protection may be extend this period on request. )
  • Prominently post certificates for current food safety managers next to the license to operate (Removed certificates it the person longer works there.)
  • Make sure that the Food safety manager certifications are up-to date. They must be renewed every three years, after completing the required six-hour refresher course, despite the fact that the national exam certification expires after five years. Renewal notices will be sent in advance, with instructions as to how to renew your certification on-line. If a food safety manager certification is expired for more than six months, the individual must retake the 15-hour course and pass the exam before the certification can be renewed.

Approved Food Safety Manager Training Programs

Classroom Training

Food Safety Plan Development & Consulting Services

Online Training Programs without Exams

An approved proctored exam must be taken after completing the following online programs.

Test Centers for On-line Training Programs