Information for Survey Respondents

Why we survey

We work hard to keep you and all Rhode Islanders safe and healthy. To do this we need to know about the health and health habits of our residents. Since we can't talk to everyone, we call a select few people, including you. Your answers help us understand if programs are working, and if there are health issues we should focus more on. more

Why you are important

Taking part in the survey is voluntary but very important to make sure that the results truly represent the people of Rhode Island. Only one adult in your household will be asked to answer the questions. If you were chosen and do not participate, no one can replace you.

How we survey

We contract with ICF International to make phone calls. Their staff, trained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will call and ask to speak with an adult. The number you will see is 401-222-1247. The interview takes about 20 minutes. If the call comes at a busy time, we can call you back at a better time. We call weekdays 9 AM – 9 PM and weekends 10 AM – 9 PM. All information is confidential and anonymous—we do not know your name and will never be able to identify anyone in your household.

About the Behavioral Risk Factor Survey

We are conducting an important study about the health and safety of Rhode Islanders. By collecting health data on risk behaviors, status, access to care, and screening practices of Rhode Island adults, we will be able to better identify and track at-risk populations. This information will help inform our policies for administering health services with the goal of improving overall health outcomes.

How we got your number

Phone numbers are chosen at random from all working phone numbers in your area. We have no way of knowing whose number we are calling. Since we are calling for a health survey, and not selling anything, we also have access to phone numbers on "do not call" lists.

How we protect your privacy

We do not collect any personal information that could identify you. You can skip any question that you think is too personal. All answers to survey questions are lumped together, which means that no one person's information can be traced back to him or her or singled out.

What we ask about

We want to know if you have any chronic diseases, whether you have access to medical care and whether you have healthy habits. We also will ask some simple questions about who you are. We ask a few questions about asthma and immunizations if a child lives with you.


Want to arrange a call back time?

Call toll-free 1-877-364-0821

Still have questions?

Email or call (401) 222-7628
Tara Cooper, Survey Director