Prescription Drug Overdose Prevention Grant

Strategy One

Enhance and maximize Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)

  1. Increase PDMP registration
  2. Make the PDMP easier to use and access
    1. Develop interfaces with prescribers’ EHRs
    2. Build a delegate user feature in the PDMP
    3. Develop an interface with the state Health Information Exchange (HIE)
    4. Develop an interface with RxCheck Hub
    5. Provide academic detailing and prescriber education initiatives
    6. Develop a mobile PDMP application
  3. Decrease the PDMP Data Collection Interval to 24 hours
  4. Expand proactive/unsolicited PDMP reporting
  5. Expand PDMP as a public health surveillance system

Strategy Two

Implement community interventions

  1. Convene a multi-disciplinary data-focused group
  2. Build DOH capacity to develop and disseminate drug overdose data
  3. Coordinate intensive prevention efforts at high-burden communities, I.E. provide peer recovery coaches to high risk populations
  4. Provide outreach and education to prescribers on responsible prescribing

Strategy Three

Evaluate law, policies, and regulations

  1. Evaluate PDMP law requiring registration
  2. Evaluate Emergency Regulations mandating opioid overdose reporting
  3. Evaluate laws and regulations impacting naloxone accessibility and use
    1. RI Collaborative Practice Agreement for Naloxone
    2. RI Department of Health Emergency Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Opioid Overdose Prevention
    3. RI Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals Emergency Regulations
  4. Quantify the impact of the Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Act

Strategy Four

Rapid Response Project

  1. Develop multi-disciplinary team of experts to perform quarterly review of 16 randomly selected drug overdose deaths
  2. Identify emerging trends and issue Data Alerts
  3. Make mini-grants available on-a rolling basis to community-based organizations for targeted campaigns to raise awareness, educate, and prevent prescription drug overdoses