Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant

The Title V Maternal and Child Health Block Grant of the Health Resources and Services Administration. The General Laws of the State of RI Section 23-13-1 “designates the state department of health as the state agency for administering in Rhode Island the provisions of Title V of the “Social Security Act” relative to maternal and child health services.”


The HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau improves the health of mothers, children and their families. Authorized under Title V of the Social Security Act, HRSA maternal and child health programs:

  • Assure access to quality care, especially for those with low-incomes or limited availability of care.
  • Reduce infant mortality.
  • Provide and ensure access to comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care, especially for low-income and at-risk women.
  • Increase the number of children receiving health assessments and follow-up diagnostic and treatment services.
  • Provide and ensure access to preventive and child care services, as well as rehabilitative services for certain children.
  • Implement family-centered, community-based systems of coordinated care for children with special healthcare needs.
  • Provide assistance in applying for services to pregnant women with infants and children who are eligible for Medicaid. more

What We Do

The Rhode Island Department of Health’s Maternal and Child Health (Title V) Program is based within the Division of Community Health, and Equity . The four pillars of the Divisions’s new approach to public health have guided the development of Rhode Island’s Title V Program and include: the social and environmental determinants of health, life course approach, and integration of programs. The RI Department of Health used the information gathered from the community meetings, the analysis of the data from the various sources available to the department and its experience in the implementation of its maternal and child care services from prior years to select its program priorities for the next five years. From this combination of quantitative and qualitative information, the CFHE identified priorities in 2010. There is a consensus evolving from the data, the community meetings, as well as input from various partnerships, that an important program priority is Access to Care through the medical home. The components of the medical home emphasize primary care with a strong focus on care coordination, preventive care, and an emphasis on healthy lifestyles. The CFHE will discuss its progress on the selected priorities, national performance measures, new state performance measures, and program activities as they relate to the four levels of MCH services and all MCH population groups in detail in the FY15 Title V MCH Application.


In Fiscal Year 2013, Rhode Island received 1.55 million dollars distributed across Division of Community Family Health and Equity Program to support programs aimed at early childhood, middle childhood, adolescent, children with special health care needs, pregnant women and women across the lifespan.

Key Focus Areas