What You Should Do

  • Get a primary care provider to help you stay on top of your shots, get a physical and stay well;
  • Be cautious with using medications to deal with pain; more
  • Keep track of your medical records; more
  • Learn how to best manage your chronic condition if you have one; more
  • Check on the quality of home health agencies, hospitals, and nursing homes; more
  • Seek out a Community Health Center for care, particularly if you are concerned about how to pay for care; more

What We Do

  • License doctors, dentists and a range of health professionals to ensure that healthcare delivery is professional and effective;
  • Facilitate the transition to a new practice when another one closes; more
  • Help provide for the continuity of care for patients that transition between various healthcare settings; more
  • Monitor the frequency of healthcare-acquired infections at health facilities; more
  • Collect health insurance claims data to understand healthcare utilization, cost, and quality; more
  • Develop "meaningful use capacity" to improve the appropriate sharing of medical information; more
  • Supporting patient-centered medical homes; more
  • Monitor the quality of home health, nursing home, and hospital healthcare, and the use of electronic records by physicians; more
  • Develop recommendations for healthcare screening, including childhood vision screening; more
  • Set guidelines for the use of social media,and Telemedicine in medical practices.