Continuity of Care

Continuity of care is concerned with the quality of care over time. Promoting continuity of care includes fostering continuous, caring relationships between patients and healthcare providers. It also includes ensuring the safe, coordinated transition of patients between health environments.

Continuity of Care Form

The continuity of care form (instructions) is used to communicate health information and provide for the safe transition of individuals (patients/residents) who are transferred from one health environment to another (e.g. from a hospital to a nursing home or to home nursing care; from a nursing home to a hospital). The form provides an important opportunity to ensure high quality services, patient safety, and patient-centered care. All fields must be completed with current and accurate information.

The official Department of Health form includes all the requirements for all of our various regulations. Providers are required to seek approval for any modifications or changes in the format or usage of the form. It is permissible for hospitals to print their own name at the top of page one, but please leave the notation that it is the Department of Health form. The first two pages of the form may be used alone as a hospital discharge form and meet all the discharge requirements of the hospital Joint Commission accreditation.