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The Rhode Island Primary Care Trust

Right now, insurance companies pay most doctors based on the number of patients they see in a day, or how many procedures they do. There's a better way to pay for healthcare, one that's more consistent with how people want to receive it. This means care that's high quality, tailored just for you, based on the best medical evidence and your doctor's recommendations, and well-coordinated. This new payment method is called the Rhode Island Primary Care Trust. Not only will it lead to improved health, quality, and patient experience, but it won't cost us any new money to implement—and will likely generate huge savings for Rhode Islanders down the road.

How it will work

If the Primary Care Trust proposal is adopted and implemented, the Trust will consolidate the funds that every health insurance provider in Rhode Island already uses to pay for primary care services. Through this pool of funds, the Trust will pay new kinds of practices called Neighborhood Health Stations a standard amount of money per patient each month. This will create significant savings in the billing and payment costs that most medical practices incur today, and give your doctor the support he or she needs to give you the best care possible. The savings generated by the Primary Care Trust will help us spend our money more wisely on the things that really impact health, like accessible, high-quality primary care and safe and healthy environments.

The Primary Care Trust will also support and reward Neighborhood Health Stations for improving population health outcomes and serving patients in their local communities. Through the Trust, Rhode Island will create the nation's first model for Neighborhood Health Stations that focus on treating not only the whole individual, but also the whole community.

What we are doing

  • Working with health centers and practices and applying for grant funding to create Neighborhood Health Stations in every Rhode Island community.
  • Talking with individuals and organizations across Rhode Island about how high-quality primary care for all Rhode Islanders can improve population health and lower healthcare costs—and listening to their ideas and concerns, too.
  • Partnering with state legislators and others in state government, through an award from the Aspen Institute, to understand and establish the necessary legislative structure for the Primary Care Trust.
  • Collaborating with the state's Health Benefits Exchange and Offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Health and Human Services, and Health Insurance Commissioner to develop a plan to shift Rhode Island from a volume-based healthcare system to one that is value based.

What you can do

  • Read our brochure to learn more about how the Primary Care Trust can deliver world-class primary care to all Rhode Islanders.
  • Invite us to discuss the Neighborhood Health Station concept at a local meeting or coffee hour.
  • Help educate your community and elected officials about how a Neighborhood Health Station could benefit your community.