The Rhode Island Primary Care Trust

The Rhode Island Primary Care Trust is a proposed funding mechanism for a robust network of Neighborhood Health Stations that will fundamentally change the way healthcare is delivered in Rhode Island.

The care you need, right in your community

If the Primary Care Trust proposal is adopted and implemented, each community of 10,000 Rhode Islanders will have its own Neighborhood Health Station that serves as a “medical home” for that community. Open during hours that are convenient for patients on both weekdays and weekends, each Neighborhood Health Station will see patients the same day they are sick, offering services such as wellness visits, sick visits, dental care, physical therapy, behavioral health counseling, and home health services. Simply put, Neighborhood Health Stations will bring Rhode Islanders the healthcare they need, when and where they need it.

Lower costs, better results

The Primary Care Trust will lower costs and improve health outcomes by transforming the way health professionals are paid, offering financial incentives that encourage improved care and better health outcomes for individuals and communities. (report presentation )