Approved Healthy School Foods

What schools should do to comply with nutritional requirments

Use more whole grains

The Rhode Island Nutrition Requirements requires schools to serve at least 90% whole grain products. To do this school menu planners can use a mix of 100% whole grain products and those that are labeled as "whole grain" which may actually contain as little as 51% whole grains. The Approved whole grain list (below) helps menu planners pick from the products which have been reviewed and approved by the Department of Health.

Approved Whole Grains

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Supply only Healthy Beverages & Snacks in School

The Healthier Beverages and Snacks Law requires schools only sell food and beverages that have been reviewed and approved for nutritional content (below). This includes items sold in vending machines, the cafeteria, the school store or anywhere on school property. The Rhode Island Nutrition Guidelines for School Vending and Ala Cart Foods states product criteria.

Approved Beverages & Snacks

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