Motor Vehicle Injury

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people age 5-34 in the United States more. Crash-related deaths and injuries are largely preventable.

What You Should Do

  • Use safety belts: Seat belts can reduce risk of serious injury or death by half; more)
  • Make sure that children use age-appropriate child restraints and are seated in the correct position in a motor vehicle. more
  • Do not speed;
  • Do not drive distracted: avoid cell phone use, texting, and eating while driving; more
  • Do not drink and drive;
  • Talk to your teenage child about safe driving. Teenage drivers are 4 times more likely than older drivers to crash. more

What We Are Doing

Promoting seat belt use and supporting new laws that require safer driving including:

  • The primary seatbelt law: gives law officers the authority to pull over and ticket motorists solely because they are not wearing a seat belt. Rhode Island became 1 of over 30 states to pass the Primary seat belt law in June 2011. more
  • Social host law more
  • Texting while driving prohibition more
  • Cell phone use prohibition for drivers under the age of 18. more
  • Supporting efforts to improve Rhode Island's graduated driver licensing laws. more
  • Supporting efforts to strengthen Rhode Island's ignition interlock laws. more