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To apply for a specific position, see "Where To Apply" on the Vacancy Notice




Job Postings

Current Openings

The Department of Labor and Training coordinates the posting of all State positions. To apply, send a resume or CS-14 application and a cover letter to the contact person on the job notice. Include the job title and position number (listed in the upper right hand corner of the job notice) in your cover letter. The cover letter should also include seniority date and union affiliation, if applicable.

04/18/2014 09:51 EDT
Responsible for identifying and eliminating conditions hazards to life and health through inspections of food, recreational and other licensed establishments. Deadline: April 24, 2014.
04/17/2014 08:54 EDT
To receive and process clinical specimens and environmental samples to be tested. Deadline: April 23, 2014
04/14/2014 09:17 EDT
These Seasonal Policy Interns will be responsible to assist full-time staff in various areas of agency policy and planning, special projects, studies, research, data collection, entry and analysis, surveys, design outreaching and education materials and to monitor organized events and other related
04/14/2014 09:14 EDT
Responsible for performing specialized chemical evaluation of evidence related to controlled substances seized in connection with law enforcement investigations, to maintain secure chain-of-custody of evidence, to provide expert testimony in court. Deadline: April 20, 2014
04/14/2014 09:12 EDT
This position will report to the Chief Administrative Officer, Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline (BMLD). This position will assist with the facilitation of the work of the BMLD. Deadline: April 17, 2014
04/14/2014 09:11 EDT
Responsible for the supervision of engineering staff and services for Public Water Systems, supervision of the Office State Revolving Loan Fund and Cross Connection Control Programs. Deadline: April 17, 2014
04/09/2014 09:32 EDT
Responsible for routine office duties such as: complex word processing and data entry functions including but not limited to, Excel, Access, etc. Deadline: April 15, 2014
04/08/2014 09:42 EDT
Perform field investigations for the purpose of detection, prevention and control of disease cases; Deadline: April 14, 2014
04/07/2014 09:12 EDT
Responsible to design and expedite training programs for surveyors/inspectors for the inspection and monitoring of health care facilities. Deadline: April 13, 2014

How to Apply

To apply for a specific State position, see "Where To Apply" on the Vacancy Notice.

State Position Information

Applicants are usually notified by a phone call from the Department of Health to schedule an interview. At the time of your interview, you will be asked to complete an employment form and an affirmative action card.

Civil Service Exams

Some positions have a civil service exam list . This means that a list exists of people who took a state exam for this job. People on this list will be considered first for the job. The Department of Administration administers the exam for selected jobs. Exams are announced online and in the employment advertisement section of the Providence Sunday Journal.

Restrictions and Limitations

Limited funding usually applies to jobs funded by federal grant dollars.  When grants come up for renewal, funding for the position is dependent upon federal approval.

LTPS, which stands for "leave to protect status," appears on some job notices. This means that a current state employee has a leave from this position and can return to the position up to the date designated in the posting.