Recent Actions (within the past 60 Days)

This is a listing of disciplinary actions against individuals or facilities licensed by the Department of Health to provide healthcare. Actions that are under investigation are not included in this database. Information about investigations of, and compliance orders issued to, hospitals and nursing homes are not listed here.

Type Name Sanction License
Marriage & Family Therapy/Mental Health Counselors Amore, Matthew Suspension 2016-11-21 MHC00098
Physician Rajabiun, Taghi, MD Surrendered 2016-11-21 MD04041
Hospital Eleanor Slater Compliance Order 2016-11-16 HOS00102
Nursing Assistant Cornelio, Brenda Relief from Restrictions 2016-11-15 NA31319
Physician Ackerman, Brian Amended Order 2016-11-09 MD14932
Physician Pasquarello, George, DO Reprimand 2016-11-09 DO00566
Physician Petteruti, Stephen, J., DO Reprimand 2016-11-09 DO00413
Pharmacy-Retail McQuades Marketplace Pharmacy Relief from Probation 2016-11-07 PHA00021
Pharmacy Tech 1 Benson, Lynne Suspension 2016-10-27 PH102017
Nursing Assistant Korngor, Betty Reprimand 2016-10-20 NA11656
Nursing Assistant Fall, Adama Reprimand 2016-10-19 NA37784
Nurse Prior, Terry Reprimand; Probation 2016-10-17 LPN09945
Emergency Medical Technician Buono, Stephen Surrendered 2016-10-17 EMT15663
Physician To, King Reprimand 2016-10-12 MD07985
Pharmacist Solomon, Peter Relief from Probation 2016-10-11 RPH03161