Nursing Assistant Disciplinary Actions

Name Sanction License
Abdullah, Michelle Reprimand 2003-11-14 NA25597
Abney, (Lopez/Sanders) Lakesha Relief from Probation 2008-11-26 NA26101
Abney, (Lopez/Sanders) Lakesha Reinstatement 2006-03-20 NA26101
Abney, (Lopez/Sanders) Lakesha Revocation 2005-08-03 NA26101
Abney, (Lopez/Sanders) Lakesha Probation 2004-06-04 NA26101
Abotsi, Daniel Relief from Probation 2007-06-12 NA28675
Abotsi, Daniel Probation 2004-03-13 NA28675
Abrokwah, Rosemary Reprimand 2013-04-22 NA36716
Abujade, Olalekan Relief from Probation 2008-07-15 NA05039
Abujade, Olalekan Relief from Suspension 2007-07-13 NA05039
Abujade, Olalekan Probation 2007-07-03 NA05039
Abujade, Olalekan Suspension 2007-03-06 NA05039
Adames, Evalinda Revocation 2016-03-31 NA38648
Adams, Kimberly Surrendered 2003-12-12 NA24125
Adedoyin, Janet, O. Reprimand 2008-12-15 NA35376
Adelani, Taiwo Reprimand 2013-10-15 NA33559
Adenegan, Careena, (a.k.a ,Carter, Careena) Relief from Probation 2003-01-14 NA21042
Adenegan, Careena, (a.k.a ,Carter, Careena) Probation 2002-01-27 NA21042
Adenegan, Careena, (a.k.a ,Carter, Careena) Probation 2001-01-27 NA21042
Adeniji, Adeniron Reprimand 2007-11-28 NA34758
Adeniji, Adeniron Suspension 2007-07-12 NA34758
Adesina, Adewumi Relief from Probation 2001-08-01 NA23613
Adesina, Adewumi Probation 2000-11-01 NA23613
Adewumi, Samuel Probation 2007-02-08 NA32548
Adeyel, Rasheed Suspension 2007-04-18 NA30815
Adeyel, Rasheed Probation 2005-08-02 NA30815
Adio, Ola, (a.k.a. Lawal, Olanrewaju) Probation 2004-10-08 NA09921
Adio, Ola, (a.k.a. Lawal, Olanrewaju) Reinstatement 1999-07-01 NA09921
Adio, Ola, (a.k.a. Lawal, Olanrewaju) Suspension 1993-10-05 NA09921
Adu-Poku, Samuel Reprimand 2011-08-04 NA18206
Afra, Adwoa Forfeiture of License 1998-08-06 NA19383
Afrolabi, Adenike Suspension 2008-02-08 NA32896
Agwunobi, Angela Relief from Probation 2008-03-24 NA14856
Agwunobi, Angela Probation 2006-09-15 NA14856
Agyeman, Rose Suspension 2005-07-25 NA26850
Agyeman, Rose Probation 2004-07-01 NA26850
Agyemang, Eric Reprimand 2008-11-03 NA25005
Agyemang, Eric Reinstatement 2011-12-07 NA25005
Ahamefula, Douglas Probation 2004-12-10 NA07301
Ajayi, Samuel Probation 2004-12-10 NA30791
Ajisefini, Ali Suspension 2007-04-19 NA30814
Ajisefini, Ali Probation 2005-03-02 NA30814
Ajisefini, Ali Probation 2004-10-08 NA30814
Ajuonuma, Andy Relief from Probation 2007-10-02 NA29753
Ajuonuma, Andy Probation 2004-10-08 NA29753
Akande, Aboside Suspension 1996-09-14 NA12201
Akinbi, Betty Jo Suspension 2016-12-21 NA41772
Akinde, Aina, Esther Relief from Probation 2002-09-24 NA26135
Akinde, Aina, Esther Probation 2001-11-06 NA26135
Akinde, Aina, Esther Probation 2000-12-31 NA26135
Akindolie, Funmilayo Revocation 2001-02-08 NA21018
Akinmurele, Olufolajimi Revocation 1993-02-16 NA10849
Akinola, Yemi Relief from Probation 2001-07-31 NA22077
Akinola, Yemi Probation 2000-10-03 NA22077
Akinrinmade, Raymond Surrendered 2003-07-07 NA29480
Akinsulire, Christina Reprimand 2005-02-04 NA17186
Alaownis, Leah Revocation 1993-02-19 NA12168
Alba, Albalis Surrendered 2018-06-26 NA44580
Alexandre, Elmise Reprimand 2007-02-07 NA30128
Alexandre, Elmise Probation 2005-10-05 NA30128
Alieu, Marie Suspension 2003-05-06 NA16322
Alieu, Marie Suspension 2000-01-15 NA16322
Allard, Sherri Revocation 2001-03-01 NA25114
Almodovar, Evelyn Decision 2015-11-19 NA47131
Alonzo, Elvira Reinstatement 2000-11-22 NA25130
Alonzo, Elvira Probation 1999-07-20 NA25130
Alves, Arcelinda, F. Suspension 2008-01-07 NA32368
Amado, Christine Relief from Probation 2005-09-13 NA20785
Amado, Christine Probation 2002-03-28 NA20785
Amenkwaah, Rose Reprimand 2008-12-11 NA35631
Amos, Jenay Suspension 2018-07-09 NA50937
Anahory, Raquel Revocation 1994-02-21 NA03461
Anderson, Ruth Relief from Probation 2009-05-12 NA32479
Anderson, Ruth Probation 2008-04-22 NA32479
Andino, Isbela Revocation 2011-05-15 NA34659
Andreozzi, Maureen Reprimand 2006-08-29 NA23506
Andrews, Patricia Probation 1997-02-18 NA04240
Andrews, Patricia Suspension 1998-06-30 NA04240
Anthony, Lindsey, M. Revocation 2011-06-06 NA35212
Anthony, Octavia Probation 2017-08-28 NA41552
Ardrey, Melissa Revocation 2004-04-16 NA30821
Ardrey, Melissa Probation 2003-12-31 NA30821
Ardrey, Melissa Reinstatement 2013-01-08 NA30821
Arias, Esperanza Probation 1993-11-01 NA07378
Arias, Pedro Revocation 2000-10-30 NA25183
Arias, Tammie Administrative Order and Decision 2001-03-06 NA14913
Arnold, Heather Reprimand 2010-07-16 NA20977
Aronson, Gloria Probation 2004-05-18 NA30295
Arquette, Kristi Relief from Suspension 2007-03-13 NA30785
Arquette, Kristi Suspension 2006-09-25 NA30785
Arzano, Beverly, Susan Suspension 2008-12-17 NA29913
Ascencao Longo, Allidia Reprimand 2014-10-16 NA26955
Auger, Tammy Surrendered 2001-09-07 NA16824
Austin, Tara Reprimand 2010-07-31 NA36884
Authelet, Jerilyn Revocation 2004-04-02 NA21461
Azor, Jean Suspension 2005-06-03 NA28481
Azor, Jean Probation 2004-12-10 NA28481
Babalola, Adebowale Revocation 1999-06-07 NA24505
Baker, Judy, E. Suspension 2008-08-08 NA04155
Ballou, Alicia Revocation 2017-06-22 NA16901
Baptiste, Maria Suspension 2005-10-19 NA00372
Baptiste, Maria Probation 2005-02-04 NA00372
Baptiste, Maria Probation 2003-11-14 NA00372
Barada, Gloria Relief from Suspension 2007-02-02 NA08247
Barada, Gloria Suspension 2004-03-17 NA08247
Barbosa, Stephanie Lee (aka Stephanie Costa) Relief from Probation 2010-01-12 NA32103
Barbosa, Stephanie Lee (aka Stephanie Costa) Probation 2003-11-14 NA32103
Barboza, Stella Suspension 2007-04-18 NA30906
Barboza, Stella Probation 2005-05-09 NA30906
Barleh, Marie Relief from Probation 2000-11-22 NA00580
Barleh, Marie Probation 2000-08-15 NA00580
Barleh, Marie Probation 1999-10-28 NA00580
Bartholomew, Barbara Revocation 2007-05-04 NA08715
Bartholomew, Barbara Suspension 2007-02-05 NA08715
Bartholomew, Barbara Probation 2006-04-10 NA08715
Bartholomew, Barbara Suspension 1993-09-10 NA08715
Bartholomew, Barbara Reinstatement 2001-09-18 NA08715
Bartone, Giovanna Reprimand 2016-09-24 NA38271
Bateman, Angel Suspension 2005-07-25 NA32585
Bateman, Angel Probation 2004-07-01 NA32585
Beaucicaut Jr, Colbert Suspension 2006-01-10 NA29878
Beaucicaut Jr, Colbert Probation 2005-04-14 NA29878
Beauregard, Lisa Relief from Probation 2001-12-11 NA14101
Beauregard, Lisa Probation 2000-10-31 NA14101
Beaver, Pamela Probation 1999-11-30 NA20034
Bedard, Heather Reinstatement 2007-09-06 NA35031
Bedard, Heather Suspension 2007-03-06 NA35031
Bedford, Melissa Reinstatement 2007-06-26 NA23271
Bedford, Melissa Suspension 2007-04-18 NA23271
Beese, Lisa Revocation 2014-10-31 NA08617
Belanger, Lindel Revocation 2016-06-14 NA07867
Belisle, Charlene Suspension 2005-07-25 NA06840
Belisle, Charlene Reprimand 2001-10-04 NA06840
Belisle, Cristy Revocation 2004-02-25 NA29573
Belizaire, Gesly Revocation 1992-04-14 NA09020
Belizaire, Gesly Reinstatement 1995-06-09 NA09020
Bell, Patricia Probation 1995-10-17 NA08014
Bello, Zaira Revocation 2015-04-02 NA43516
Beltre, Josefina Suspension 2007-04-18 NA32432
Beltre, Josefina Probation 2005-08-24 NA32432
Ben, Dolly Probation 2002-02-28 NA09286
Ben, Dolly Probation 2000-02-29 NA09286
Ben, Jaiway, Dolly Relief from Probation 2004-07-13 NA09286
Ben, Youtee Suspension 2007-04-19 NA27367
Ben, Youtee Probation 2004-06-04 NA27367
Benites, Adelaide Relief from Revocation 2008-06-17 NA24629
Benites, Adelaide Revocation 2003-03-19 NA24629
Bennett, Estelle Reprimand 2005-06-28 NA28887
BenShidah, Elisha Revocation 2003-04-17 NA24690
Bergeron, Gloria Probation 2004-11-01 NA30175
Bergeron, Gloria Reprimand 2004-05-12 NA30175
Bergin,Christopher Probation 1997-07-23 NA22517
Bergin,Christopher Suspension 1998-01-05 NA22517
Bernard, Benneta Relief from Probation 2005-12-06 NA32084
Bernard, Benneta Probation 2004-10-08 NA32084
Bernard, Marie Reinstatement 2008-06-12 NA30557
Bernard, Marie Suspension 2007-04-18 NA30557
Berrios, Aurora Reprimand 2009-07-01 NA30900
Berthiaume, April Reprimand 2008-02-05 NA36352
Bettencourt, Marcy Suspension 2005-07-25 NA27543
Bettencourt, Marcy Probation 2004-02-17 NA27543
Bettencourt, Melissa Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA24552
Bianco, Carmaleeta Revocation 2005-10-19 NA28422
Billington, Suzanne, M. Probation 2008-08-08 NA26442
Billington, Suzanne, M. Suspension 2008-01-07 NA26442
Bitzko, Diane Suspension 2004-10-29 NA20979
Black, Cathleen Relief from Probation 2002-01-27 NA19360
Black, Cathleen Probation 2001-01-27 NA19360
Blair, Trisha Revocation 2008-04-22 NA28162
Blair, Trisha Suspension 2007-11-28 NA28162
Blair, Trisha Reprimand 2007-01-30 NA28162
Blais, Sandra Suspension 2016-06-29 NA00348
Blake, Glenda Reprimand 2007-11-08 NA34582
Blanchard, Richard Revocation 1994-05-04 NA12550
Blanchette, Erin J. Summary Suspension 2013-08-14 NA13792
Blanchette, Erin J. Reinstatement 2014-03-14 NA13792
Blaydes (Boyd), Judith Relief from Suspension 2003-02-11 NA02862
Boadu, Nancy Suspension 2005-06-30 NA08684
Boadu, Nancy Probation 2003-06-24 NA08684
Boateng, Charles Relief from Probation 2007-02-02 NA29740
Boateng, Charles Probation 2003-11-04 NA29740
Boezi, Donna Surrendered 2002-01-02 NA08058
Boima, David Reprimand 2007-03-06 NA29910
Boima, David Reprimand 2007-02-19 NA29910
Bois, John Suspension 2007-04-18 NA31759
Bois, John Probation 2002-11-01 NA31759
Boisseau, Xathene Probation 2003-03-31 NA21674
Bonanca, Patricia Revocation 2000-10-01 NA26447
Bonheur, Gertrude Suspension 2007-04-18 NA27693
Bonheur, Gertrude Probation 2004-10-29 NA27693
Bood, Jeannette Reinstatement 2007-07-12 NA28273
Bood, Jeannette Suspension 2007-04-18 NA28273
Bood, Jeannette Probation 2005-01-26 NA28273
Borden, Amanda Revocation 2014-01-24 NA42829
Borelli, Barbara Suspension 1998-03-02 NA13131
Borelli, Barbara Probation 1997-10-01 NA13131
Boucher, Crystal Reprimand 2009-01-20 NA26450
Boulay, Jessica Probation 1996-11-29 NA14745
Boulay, Jessica (Dubois) Reinstatement 1998-06-29 NA14745
Boulay, Jessica (Dubois) Probation 1997-11-25 NA14745
Bourassa, Janet Relief from Probation 1998-05-22 NA01712
Bourassa, Janet Probation 1997-08-20 NA01712
Bourgault, Faith Revocation 2004-03-17 NA24298
Boutros, Jeannine Reprimand 2005-06-28 NA12725
Boutros, Jeannine Probation 2005-03-02 NA12725
Boyd,(Blaydes) Judith Suspension 2000-02-29 NA02862
Boylan, Melanie Reprimand 2014-01-09 NA34976
Bracey, Charlene Suspension 2006-01-10 NA33563
Bracey, Charlene Probation 2004-12-10 NA33563
Bray, Sharon Relief from Probation 2010-07-13 NA02979
Bray, Sharon Probation 2005-08-02 NA02979
Bricault, Jeannie Revocation 2004-05-12 NA17023
Britto, John Suspension 2005-10-26 NA29394
Brooks, Alicemae Revocation 1998-05-04 NA20909
Brown, Bridgette Suspension 2006-01-10 NA32454
Brown, Bridgette Probation 2004-01-07 NA32454
Brown, Milda Suspension 2007-11-08 NA31770
Brown, Milda Reprimand 2006-11-21 NA31770
Brown, Susana (aka DosSantos, Susana) Reprimand 2007-01-24 NA32206
Brown, Suzanne Relief from Probation 2010-07-13 NA03992
Brown, Suzanne Probation 2008-04-25 NA03992
Brown, Suzanne Suspension 2005-06-28 NA03992
Bruce, Karrie Reprimand 2017-03-07 NA48025
Brzuzan, Aneta Suspension 2001-04-23 NA26039
Bucci, Leah Suspension 2010-06-25 NA39860
Bueno, Veronica Relief from Probation 2001-12-31 NA25378
Bueno, Veronica Probation 2000-06-26 NA25378
Bueno, Veronica Probation 1999-02-26 NA25378
Burke, Joyce Reprimand 2004-12-21 NA02394
Burnham, Evelyn Revocation 1993-08-04 NA02225
Burrows, Stephanie Revocation 2009-07-17 NA26454
Burt, Nicole Revocation 2016-03-07 NA34563
BushKai, Lady Relief from Suspension 2002-11-14 NA12632
BushKai, Lady Johnet Suspension 2002-03-15 NA12632
BushKai, Lady Johnet Probation 2001-01-04 NA12632
Bussius, Paula, Jean Suspension 2008-01-07 NA33323
Cable, Wanda Suspension 2007-04-18 NA19486
Cable, Wanda Probation 2003-12-12 NA19486
Cable, Wanda Probation 2003-11-18 NA04014T
Cable, Wanda (aka Page, Wanda) Relief from Suspension 2008-12-02 NA19486
Cabral, Alvaro Revocation 2003-10-28 NA30200
Cabral, Bethany, Lynn Relief from Suspension 2009-06-09 NA29962
Cabral, Bethany, Lynn Suspension 2008-04-22 NA29962
Cabral, Karen Suspension 2007-04-19 NA11668
Cabral, Karen Probation 2001-10-05 NA11668
Cabral, Patricia Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA34002
Cabral, Victor Revocation 2009-05-08 NA24174
Cahill, Erin Revocation 2005-10-26 NA33571
Cahill, Patricia Reprimand 2007-04-03 NA34318
Calderon, Diana Reprimand 2017-11-14 NA36654
Camara, Fatoumata Relief from Probation 2007-03-22 NA32342
Camara, Fatoumata Probation 2005-02-04 NA32342
Campbell, Kess, A. Suspension 2010-05-11 NA24554
Canis, Sherry Revocation 2015-12-14 NA06690
Capalbo, Kristen Surrendered 1999-08-18 NA17121
Caraballo, Eudalia, aka (Serra, Eudalia), (Stilson, Eudalia) Reprimand 2009-03-10 NA18807
Caranda, Iola Suspension 2001-02-15 NA04282
Caranda, Iola Probation 1999-05-04 NA04282
Caranda, Iola Probation 1998-05-04 NA04282
Cardenas, Deborah Ann, (fka Golden, Deborah A.) Revocation 2009-11-30 NA18560
Cardillo, JoAnn Revocation 2000-02-15 NA23980
Cardosa DiSarro, Maria Revocation 2014-01-24 NA27076
Cardosi, Ann Suspension 2000-02-14 NA18208
Cardosi, Ann Suspension 1997-06-20 NA18208
Cardoso, Alice Reprimand 2009-01-27 NA02043
Carello, Jill Suspension 2007-11-07 NA01323
Carew, Richard Suspension 2007-04-18 NA23828
Carew, Richard Probation 2001-11-27 NA23828
Cariglio, Candace Suspension 2004-12-10 NA29885
Carloni, Susan Surrendered 2002-07-03 NA21517
Carloni, Susan Probation 2001-09-28 NA21517
Carloni, Susan Probation 1995-10-20 NA10240
Carpentier, Denise Relief from Probation 1997-04-08 NA09298
Carpentier, Denise Probation 1996-09-21 NA09298
Carrasquillo, Ivette Relief from Probation 2001-04-10 NA25693
Carrasquillo, Ivette Probation 2000-05-17 NA25693
Carrell, Heather Suspension 2005-07-25 NA32455
Carrell, Heather Probation 2004-02-20 NA32455
Carriere, Lauren Revocation 2001-09-28 NA21072
Carroll, Elisabeth Suspension 2017-06-22 NA40028
Cartegena, Lisa Probation 2007-01-30 NA28669
Carter, Careena, (a.k.a Adenegan, Careena) Relief from Probation 2003-01-14 NA21042
Carter, Careena, (a.k.a Adenegan, Careena) Probation 2002-01-27 NA21042
Carter, Careena,(a.k.a Adenegan, Careena) Probation 2001-01-27 NA21042
Carter, Kendra Reprimand 2017-11-06 NA36654
Carter, Lorrie Probation 2004-04-12 NA05817
Cartwright, Karen Relief from Probation 2005-07-12 NA31538
Cartwright, Karen Probation 2003-07-28 NA31538
Carvalho, Kim Revocation 2009-04-07 NA37690
Casimiro, Melissa Relief from Revocation 2009-11-10 NA31685
Casimiro, Melissa Revocation 2004-10-08 NA31685
Caspoli, Nicholas, III Surrendered 2002-06-13 NA25535
Cassells, Fay Relief from Probation 2006-01-06 NA01969
Cassells, Fay Probation 2004-09-13 NA01969
Castro, Julia Reinstatement 2008-03-28 NA28797
Castro, Julia Suspension 2005-08-24 NA28797
Catala, Eboni Probation 2005-08-24 NA34813
Catala, Eboni, R. Suspension 2011-01-27 NA34813
Ceesay, Sarah Suspension 2007-04-18 NA33076
Ceesay, Sarah Probation 2005-02-04 NA33076
Cekala, Pamela Suspension 2000-11-30 NA23438
Champigny, Lucia Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA32508
Chanphom, Michele, D. Reprimand 2011-06-06 NA32512
Chappell, Dawn Probation 2007-08-17 NA18252
Charron, Roseann Reprimand 2011-03-15 NA02725
Checo, Elizabeth Reprimand 2018-03-23 NA48798
Cherry, David Revocation 1995-07-03 NA00669
Child, Beverly Reinstatement 2008-10-17 NA06663
Child, Beverly Revocation 1997-08-15 NA06663
Cholopray, Cornelia Suspension 2007-04-18 NA31592
Cholopray, Cornelia Probation 2004-10-29 NA31592
Cineus, Marie Reprimand 2006-03-09 NA05933
Clang, Theresa, M. Reinstatement 2016-12-16 NA05981
Clang, Theresa, M. Revocation 2011-02-11 NA05981
Clark, Chaffonda Suspension 1998-12-15 NA23729
Clark, Cheryl Revocation 2002-10-15 NA15355
Clarke, Carolyn Relief from Probation 2006-04-14 NA04728
Clarke, Carolyn Probation 2004-12-10 NA04728
Clarke, Jennifer Revocation 2015-11-27 NA23080
Clements, Sandy Suspension 2007-04-26 NA34987
Clements, Sandy Probation 2005-10-31 NA34987
Clemetson, Nicholia Relief from Probation 1998-05-23 NA17220
Clemetson, Nicholia Probation 1997-05-23 NA17220
Coffee, Lloyd Probation 1998-02-12 NA23300
Colburn, Jeanette Surrendered 1996-12-03 NA09554
Cole, Jennifer Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA29310
Collins, Jessica, (aka, Patterson, Jessica) Suspension 2010-03-31 NA33945
Colon, Duchess Revocation 2005-10-31 NA33997
Colon, Duchess Probation 2005-04-04 NA33997
Colvin, Jessica Probation 2005-03-02 NA31108
Concepcion, June Reprimand 2001-10-23 NA27985
Conklin, Shannon, Marie Revocation 2009-12-04 NA28119
Conn, Jennifer Reprimand 2007-03-06 NA23317
Conneally, Bridget Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA29142
Connors, Christine Probation 2002-06-20 NA21283
Cook, Jaime Probation 2003-03-19 NA31036
Cooper, Dorothy Reprimand 2008-02-08 NA04584
Cordeiro, Sharon Reprimand 2008-03-28 NA10392
Cornelio, Brenda Relief from Restrictions 2016-11-15 NA31319
Cornelio, Brenda Reprimand 2013-01-31 NA31319
Cornelius, Carol Relief from Probation 2001-05-08 NA04413
Cornelius, Carol Probation 2000-09-26 NA04413
Costa, Arminda Surrendered 2003-10-28 NA30941
Costa, Barbara Relief from Probation 2008-02-12 NA19810
Costa, Barbara Probation 2004-12-10 NA19810
Costa, Barbara Reprimand 2003-05-13 NA19810
Costa, Lori Reprimand 2009-07-31 NA21763
Costa, Lori Relief from Probation 2009-07-31 NA21763
Costa, Lori Probation 2008-03-31 NA21763
Costa, Stephanie (aka Stephanie Lee Barbosa) Relief from Probation 2010-01-12 NA32103
Costa, Stephanie (aka Stephanie Lee Barbosa) Probation 2003-11-14 NA32103
Costanza, Kimberly, (aka Siart, Kimberly) Revocation 2010-03-31 NA13271
Coutu, Donna Revocation 1992-04-14 NA00060
Crawford, Genevieve Relief from Probation 2007-01-30 NA35070
Crawford, Genevieve Probation 2005-11-17 NA35070
Creedon, Colleen Probation 2008-05-06 NA29208
Crim, Kelly Revocation 1995-05-22 NA06218
Crudale, Ann Revocation 2004-10-29 NA08687
Currier, Mary Satisfied Stipulations 2002-02-12 NA24384
Currier, Mary Reprimand 2001-11-28 NA24384
Curtis, Gladys Relief from Suspension 2001-09-21 NA12831
Curtis, Gladys Suspension 2000-12-28 NA12831
Curtis, Gladys Probation 2000-06-28 NA12831
Curtis, Gladys Probation 1999-06-28 NA12831
Cygawnoski, Jennifer Decision 2015-11-19 NA46229
D'Errico, Denise Relief from Suspension 2007-12-27 NA28974
D'Errico, Denise Suspension 2006-08-30 NA28974
Da Costa, Elizabeth Relief from Probation 2009-01-16 NA30369
Da Costa, Elizabeth Suspension 2005-06-28 NA30369
Da Costa, Elizabeth Probation 2003-10-24 NA30369
DaCruz, Ursula (aka Fernandes) Revocation 2005-08-03 NA22527
Dale, Christella Reprimand 2006-01-17 NA09214
Dale, Christella Suspension 2005-10-31 NA09214
Dalomba, Beatriz Reprimand 2018-10-03 NA45225
DaLuz, Maria, L. Reprimand 2010-02-05 NA01772
Damon, Lucille Revocation 2005-06-06 NA02730
Daniel, Joyce Ann Relief from Suspension 2008-05-16 NA34224
Daniel, Joyce Ann Suspension 2007-11-28 NA34224
Danieli, Alexis Revocation 2004-10-08 NA30809
Danis, Lori Revocation 2009-07-31 NA09213
Danis, Lori Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA09213
Dante, Lawrence Revocation 2003-06-24 NA29818
Daramola, Emmanuel Relief from Probation 2006-11-21 NA30615
Daramola, Emmanuel Probation 2004-08-02 NA30615
Darveau, Kristina Revocation 2009-11-06 NA20665
DaSilva, Debbie Revocation 2014-01-08 NA38730
Daudu, Goodey Surrendered 1991-09-01 NA07299
Daudu, Goodey Revocation 1992-04-14 NA07299
Dauphinais, Nicole Relief from probation 2003-05-13 NA26003
Dauphinais, Nicole Probation 2002-03-28 NA26003
David, Maima, M. Suspension 2012-07-18 NA09894
Davis, Maria Reinstatement 2002-03-15 NA21971
Davis, Maria Suspension 1999-02-26 NA21971
Dayugar, Matthew Reprimand 2009-01-16 NA33277
Dean, KariAnn Revocation 2001-03-01 NA25632
Dearborn, Sheila Reprimand 2003-08-21 NA26349
Dearth, Amanda Revocation 2014-06-03 NA42190
DeBiasio, Allison Reprimand 2007-08-17 NA35874
DeBraga, Amanda Reprimand 2004-12-03 NA31541
DeCosta, Deborah Relief from Probation 2000-07-17 NA21105
DeCosta, Deborah Probation 1999-09-24 NA21105
DeCosta, Taren Revocation 2007-05-04 NA29497
Dee, Kileena Revocation 2017-05-25 NA42595
DeGrace, Jeannette Revocation 2003-04-04 NA23264
Del Bonis, Stacy Probation 2013-03-28 NA40316
Delacruz, Jennifer Suspension 2004-03-13 NA26506
Delacruz, Leishla Revocation 2016-12-09 NA49510
Demarse, Mary, F. Suspension 2008-01-14 NA14126
Demers, Lisa Revocation 2004-03-22 NA26902
Dennis, Fester Reprimand 2009-05-08 NA35616
Denson, Yolanda Suspension 2003-04-23 NA18423
Depot, Dawn Relief from Probation 2006-01-06 NA27370
Depot, Dawn Probation 2004-09-13 NA27370
DeRouin, Stacey Revocation 2006-03-09 NA27815
Deshield, Catherine Relief from Probation 2008-05-06 NA34470
Deshield, Catherine Probation 2006-03-09 NA34470
Desjardins, June Revocation 2011-12-07 NA016361
Desjarlais, Judith Surrendered 1998-11-13 NA01498
Diakhate, Amy Revocation 1997-04-18 NA18452
Diallo, Awa Relief from Suspension 2010-09-14 NA29748
Diallo, Awa Suspension 2006-06-05 NA29748
Diallo, Demba Suspension 2006-06-05 NA31264
Diallo, Demba Probation 2005-10-31 NA31264
Diaz, Candace, N. Probation 2011-04-20 NA42366
DiGiovanni, Jacklyn Reprimand 2006-12-07 NA32833
DiGregorio, Edward Suspension 2004-06-01 NA14158
DiGregorio, Edward Relief from Probation 2002-07-30 NA14158
DiGregorio, Edward Reinstatement 2001-12-27 NA14158
DiGregorio, Edward Suspension 1996-08-01 NA14158
Dinsmore, Peterson Surrendered 1997-11-18 NA20118
Diop, Mamadou Reprimand 2010-07-31 NA35363
DiSano, Susan Relief from Probation 1997-05-07 NA16109
DiSano, Susan Probation 1996-10-24 NA16109
Disante, Jennifer Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA25550
Dizon, Kimberly Suspension 2003-04-23 NA15700
Dodd, Stacey Revocation 2007-03-06 NA30981
Dodge, Brenda, Ann Revocation 2011-11-10 NA33885
Doe, Benetta Suspension 2005-08-24 NA07044
Doerflinger, Aaron Reprimand 2014-08-11 NA44600
Dono, Maria Relief from Probation 2005-07-19 NA04346
Dono, Maria Probation 2004-02-26 NA04346
Doran, Linda Relief from Probation 1997-05-22 NA18187
Doran, Linda Probation 1996-11-26 NA18187
Dorleans, Benite Relief From Probation 2000-06-13 NA01698
Dorleans, Benite Probation 1999-08-16 NA01698
Dorval (Edouard), Jacqueline Relief from Probation 2003-11-03 NA01354
Dorval (Edouard), Jacqueline Probation 2002-03-05 NA01354
Dos Santos, Susana (aka Brown, Susana) Reprimand 2007-01-24 NA32206
Dosma, Ronald Reprimand 2007-02-21 NA07108
Doyle, Matthew Summary Suspension 2008-08-01 NA31527
Duarte, Latoya Reprimand 2004-03-03 NA29080
Duarte, Latoya Reprimand 2003-11-18 NA29080
Dubay, Victoria Suspension 2014-05-12 NA38379
Dutra, Jessica Revocation 2005-09-08 NA22284
Dyson, Elizabeth Suspension 2008-02-05 NA21487
Dzialo, Erika Relief from Suspension 2009-02-10 NA21066
Dzialo, Erika Suspension 2004-03-10 NA21066
Ebele, Ejordor Reprimand 2007-09-06 NA35071
Echavarria, Joyce Probation 2004-10-08 NA01676
Echavarria, Joyce (aka Joyce Johnson Grenier, Gonzalez) Relief from Probation 2005-01-16 NA01676
Edmonds, Charlotte Relief from Probation 2007-07-10 NA35071
Edmonds, Charlotte Probation 2005-10-13 NA35071
Edouard, (Dorval), Jacqueline Probation 2002-03-05 NA01354
Edwards, Melanie Relief from Probation 2007-09-14 NA34016
Edwards, Melanie Probation 2007-03-16 NA34016
Egan, Gail Probation 2008-10-10 NA25117
Egan, Gail Probation 2005-04-04 NA25117
Ehiwe, Joseph, E. Reprimand 2010-06-25 NA04876
Eldridge, Dawn Relief from Probation 2006-02-14 NA19561
Eldridge, Dawn Probation 2004-10-29 NA19561
Eletu, Michelle (Burns) Suspension 1999-03-16 NA16177
Eletu, Michelle (Burns) Probation 1996-11-29 NA16177
Escomilha, Melissa Revocation 2010-02-05 NA38305
Escomilha, Melissa Reprimand 2009-07-13 NA38305
Fahnbulleh, Kaikai Reprimand 2008-09-09 NA37066
Fahnbulleh, Miatta Reprimand 2007-07-29 NA35164
Fall, Adama Reprimand 2016-10-19 NA37784
Fall, Amdy Suspension 2008-05-06 NA33893
Fanning, Kelly Suspension 2002-03-15 NA24510
Fanning, Kelly Probation 2000-04-28 NA24510
Fascia, Donna Probation 1995-01-28 NA04180
Fascia, Donna Suspension 1996-09-26 NA04180
Fascio, Theresa Suspension 2002-10-15 NA14995
Faust, Denise Relief from Revocation 2009-03-03 NA16060
Faust, Denise Revocation 1995-09-29 NA16060
Felix, Aisha Reprimand 2008-04-22 NA34918
Felix, Woodley Relief from Probation 2007-04-10 NA00688
Felix, Woodley Probation 2004-12-10 NA00688
Feole, Krystin Revocation 2003-12-15 NA26083
Fernandes, Maria Probation 2005-08-09 NA31271
Fernandes, Maria Probation 2004-08-02 NA31271
Fernandes, Ursula (aka DaCruz) Revocation 2005-08-03 NA22527
Ferreira, Donna Probation 2007-07-13 NA17893
Ferreira, Donna Revocation 2003-03-31 NA17893
Ferreira, Donna Suspension 2003-02-18 NA17893
Ferreira, Donna Probation 2001-10-02 NA17893
Ferreira, Donna Probation 2000-10-03 NA17893
Ferreira, Kimberly A. Suspension 2008-05-06 NA37443
Ferretti(Pinheirio), Julie Revocation 1994-01-04 NA12634
Ferriss, Stephanie Revocation 2001-12-04 NA21513
Fevry, Lorraine aka (Desjardins) Revocation 2005-10-31 NA09500
Findley, Dawn Probation 2004-10-08 NA23645
Fior (Coleman), Donna Suspension 2000-02-14 NA09359
Fior (Coleman), Donna Probation 1995-09-29 NA09359
Fishburn, Lori Reprimand 2006-04-10 NA05867
Flanagan, Erin, M Reprimand 2012-01-31 NA36773
Fleurima, Yva Reprimand 2012-09-04 NA13354
Florio, Carleen Ann, (aka Mosca, Carleen) Reinstatement 2009-06-19 NA36477
Florio, Carleen Ann, (aka Mosca, Carleen) Suspension 2008-12-18 NA36477
Floyd, Christine Suspension 2011-03-10 NA22942
Folorunso, Olowatoyin Revocation 2004-03-15 NA07728
Fonseca, Paulina Revocation 2012-04-03 NA42082
Fontaine, Lubelia Relief from Suspension 2009-07-09 NA24313
Fontaine, Lubelia Suspension 2005-10-19 NA24313
Fontaine, Lubelia Probation 2005-06-03 NA24313
Foronda, Dora Reprimand 2008-02-05 NA34934
Forsythe, Shirley Revocation 2001-12-04 NA17722
Fortier, Dianne Revocation 2009-05-15 NA29045
Fortune, Jessica Revocation 2007-02-20 NA30981
Fouchard, Rosemaine Relief from Probation 2006-02-14 NA26136
Fouchard, Rosemaine Probation 2000-05-24 NA26136
Fowler, Nancy Suspension 2005-06-28 NA06075
Fowler, Nancy Probation 2004-12-10 NA06075
Franklin, Renae Revocation 2018-03-06 NA28255
Franklin, Rose Marie Reprimand 2004-05-12 NA03380
Fratus, Tonya Reprimand 2007-09-06 NA29315
Freeman Hampton, Cheyenne Suspension 2007-02-20 NA29243
French, Teresa Relief from Suspension 2009-06-09 NA04972
French, Teresa Suspension 2008-02-05 NA04972
French, Teresa Reprimand 2007-01-19 NA04972
Freytes, Steven Reprimand 2011-11-10 NA42473
Friedrich, Florence Reprimand 2006-05-11 NA28975
Fucci, Tricia, Ann Relief from Suspension 2008-11-25 NA36032
Fucci, Tricia, Ann Suspension 2008-01-07 NA36032
Funmilayo, Akindolie Revocation 2001-02-08 NA21018
Fuoroli, Stephen Suspension 2007-07-12 NA22836
Fuoroli, Stephen Probation 2005-10-07 NA22836
Fuoroli, Stephen Surrendered 2000-02-15 NA22836
Furia, Jason Surrendered 1997-09-22 NA21067
Furia, Lucy Reprimand 2007-04-03 NA29995
Gable, Todd Probation 1998-09-08 NA24607
Gabriel, Beatrice Suspension 2001-07-31 NA12522
Gabriel, Beatrice Reprimand 2000-04-07 NA12522
Gabriel, Johanne Suspension 2004-03-22 NA26548
Gadreault, Michael Revocation 2016-03-18 NA48385
Gagnon, Erica Revocation 2015-12-21 NA31450
Gagnon, Kimberly Revocation 2004-03-13 NA25955
Gagnon, Tami Revocation 2001-03-01 NA09249
Gailpault, Raymond Probation 2003-09-25 NA20076
Garcia, Anna, Maria Revocation 2011-10-31 NA32550
Garcia, Virginia Relief From Probation 2000-07-05 NA25205
Garcia, Virginia Probation 2000-01-26 NA25205
Garcia, Virginia Probation 1999-02-26 NA25205
Garcon, Eruthe Reprimand 2008-03-31 NA28770
Gardner, Myrtle Reprimand 2006-03-09 NA01268
Gavlik, Jeffrey Revocation 1998-09-28 NA15425
Gaye, Moussa Reprimand 2018-06-26 NA39811
Gaye, Ruth Suspension 1997-05-23 NA17419
Gbai, Musu, T. Reprimand 2008-12-15 NA17070
Gbala, Martin Suspension 1998-10-23 NA07620
Gbala, Martin Probation 1999-11-09 NA07620
Gbala, Martin Relief from Probation 2001-11-09 NA07620
Gebre, Alem Relief from Probation 2003-07-08 NA05331
Gebre, Alem Probation 2002-06-19 NA05331
Gemma, David Suspension 2007-01-30 NA15285
Gemma, David Relief from Probation 2006-02-14 NA15285
Gemma, David Probation 2004-10-08 NA15285
Genest, Victoria Relief from Probation 2005-03-08 NA24750
Genest, Victoria Probation 2005-01-07 NA24750
Geoffrey, Pauline Relief from Probation 2001-03-20 NA15368
Geoffrey, Pauline Probation 1999-11-30 NA15368
George, Kelsey, Cree Suspension 2012-05-22 NA40440
Germani, Ralph Revocation 2012-09-04 NA42507
Gervais, Rachel Suspension 2016-06-17 NA49338
Giannini, Holly Revocation 2007-05-04 NA30576
Giarrusso, Diane Reinstatement 2005-09-13 NA04986
Giarrusso, Diane Suspension 2005-07-25 NA04986
Giarrusso, Diane Probation 2003-03-31 NA04986
Gibbs, Lisa Revocation 2000-11-30 NA15916
Gibson, Danielle Revocation 2014-06-19 NA32013
Giguere, Robert Reprimand 2001-09-28 NA27442
Gilchrist, Dorothy Relief from Probation 2005-09-13 NA30072
Gilchrist, Dorothy Probation 2002-08-15 NA30072
Gill, Marie Reprimand 2012-01-13 NA23847
Gleason, Jessica Relief from Probation 2003-07-18 NA25227
Gleason, Jessica Probation 2001-10-09 NA25227
Goba, Annie (Ogoffa) Relief from Probation 1997-02-04 NA07599
Goba, Annie (Ogoffa) Probation 1995-11-20 NA07599
Golden, Deborah Ann, (aka Cardenas, Deborah A.) Revocation 2009-11-30 NA18560
Gomes, Clarisse Revocation 2001-12-04 NA06465
Gomes, Sheila Revocation 2009-11-30 NA35661
Gomez, Honeyda Suspension 2007-02-03 NA35069
Gomez, Honeyda Probation 2005-11-17 NA35069
Gonzalez, Cassandra Suspension 2014-03-10 NA44014
Gonzalez, Maria Delourdes Suspension 2007-11-28 NA34923
Goodridge, Windell Reprimand 2005-11-17 NA34398
Goulart, Tiffany, Celeste Suspension 2008-03-31 NA32724
Goweh, Edwina Suspension 2005-07-08 NA28184
Goweh, Edwina Probation 2004-09-14 NA28184
Goweh, Edwina Suspension 2003-06-24 NA28184
Green, Karmen Revocation 2004-08-02 NA30164
Greene, Monie Reprimand 2010-06-04 NA38735
Greene, Tanya Revocation 2018-04-18 NA26562
Grenier, Paula Suspension 2004-03-10 NA17625
Grossguth, Cara Probation 2001-05-28 NA06387
Grossguth, Cara Probation 2000-07-13 NA06387
Grossguth, Cara Suspension 1999-05-28 NA06387
Guedes, Maria Revocation 2004-03-31 NA20422
Guglielmotti, Janice Revocation 2006-08-04 NA27895
Guimond, Corinne Reprimand 2007-03-06 NA13950
Gunn, Daniel Probation 2004-10-08 NA25548
Gyukeri, Seante Probation 2001-07-03 NA25391
Gyukeri, Seante Probation 2001-01-03 NA25391
Hall, Audria Suspension 2006-08-25 NA17103
Hall, Doreen Probation 2004-12-03 NA13852
Hall, Genevee Reprimand 2007-11-08 NA08410T
Hamel, Joette Suspension 2009-09-09 NA35287
Hamilton, Joyce Relief from Probation 2008-02-12 NA36071
Hamilton, Joyce Probation 2006-10-31 Applicant
Handfield, Anne Revocation 1993-02-16 NA06610
Hansen, Crystal Probation 2008-10-10 NA32502
Hansen, Georgia Revocation 1992-04-14 NA00672
Hansen, Georgia Reinstatement 2000-12-18 NA00672
Hanuschak, Jessica Suspension 2006-12-15 NA34367
Harford (Brown), Colleen Reprimand 2004-12-10 NA25719
Harley, Shakeila Revocation 2014-06-19 NA42900
Harris, Cindy, A. Reprimand 2008-12-11 NA09417
Harris, Mary Suspension 1995-07-06 NA00123
Harris, Michelle Revocation 2000-11-30 NA24561
Hartsock, Denise Reprimand 2018-05-07 NA34932
Hascup, Jolynda Reprimand 1992-06-03 NA06738
Hassanien, Kathleen Probation 2005-04-04 NA31254
Hazard, Angela Reinstatement 2008-12-29 NA29481
Hazard, Angela Revocation 2008-03-31 NA29481
Headley, Ikeshia Revocation 2001-06-11 NA26924
Heaton, Sarah Probation 2003-05-12 NA23464
Heaton, Sarah Suspension 2005-06-30 NA23464
Hemie, Davies Probation 1998-01-21 NA00551
Hemie, Davies Reinstatement 1999-12-14 NA00551
Hemond, Lora Reprimand 2012-02-09 NA28610
Henault, Kimberly Revocation 2011-09-30 NA16739
Henderson, Kayla, Ann Suspension 2008-01-07 NA32686
Herard, Daniel Probation 1994-02-18 NA02478
Herard, Daniel Suspension 1996-07-26 NA02478
Hereth, Rose Suspension 1998-12-15 NA11073
Hernandez, Maria, M. Reprimand 2011-02-11 NA36332
Hill, Dana Revocation 1999-01-04 NA13825
Hill, Marie Reprimand 2010-07-14 NA15088
Hill, Marie Relief from Probation 2000-05-09 NA15088
Hill, Marie Probation 1999-05-08 NA15088
Hines, Andrea Relief from Suspension 2008-06-17 NA24468
Hines, Andrea Suspension 2006-01-10 NA24468
Hines, Andrea Probation 2005-02-04 NA24468
Hiscox, Debra (Peterson) Relief From Probation 1997-02-04 NA13712
Hiscox, Debra (Peterson) Probation 1996-06-25 NA13712
Hogan, Lisa Relief from Probation 2007-04-10 NA34054
Hogan, Lisa Probation 2005-04-04 NA34054
Holland, Billie Jo Revocation 2000-01-30 NA14861
Holland, Courtney Reprimand 2013-03-07 NA37503
Holland, Deanne Suspension 1994-08-23 NA03437
Holmes, Herbert Suspension 2004-09-13 NA28650
Holmes, Herbert Probation 2001-10-04 NA28650
Holmes, Herbert Probation 2001-09-26 NA28650
Hope, Wendy Reprimand 2008-12-09 NA03767
Hope, Wendy Reprimand 2005-02-04 NA03767
Howard, Kima Relief from Probation 2009-03-16 NA28838
Howard, Kima Suspension 2006-04-10 NA28838
Howard, Kima Probation 2004-08-02 NA28838
Howard, Linda Revocation 1996-09-21 NA19804
Howell, Teresa Surrendered 1999-06-22 NA25031
Hoyle, Vickie Suspension 2005-07-25 NA08239
Hoyle, Vickie Probation 2002-03-15 NA08239
Hoyle, Vickie Probation 2000-01-28 NA08239
Hoyle, Vickie Suspension 1999-10-14 NA08239
Hudson, Brenda Relief from Suspension 2009-03-10 NA35056
Hudson, Brenda Suspension 2008-02-05 NA35056
Humann, Dean Probation 1998-05-26 NA24015
Huntley, Tracy Probation 2007-03-16 NA28649
Huntley, Tracy Suspension 2006-01-10 NA28649
Huntley, Tracy Probation 2005-02-04 NA28649
Iasimone, Donald Revocation 2005-04-04 NA22827
Ibezim, Blessing Relief from Probation 2007-11-13 NA32708
Ibezim, Blessing Probation 2006-09-25 NA32708
Ilori, Clement Revocation 2000-12-28 NA14630
Imonah, Olubunmi Reprimand 2010-10-15 NA31456
Imondi, Brenda (aka Metcalf, Brenda) Relief from Probation 2010-03-09 NA19039
Imondi, Brenda (aka Metcalf, Brenda) Probation 2005-01-07 NA19039
Ipena, Blanca Reprimand 2008-04-28 NA26046
Irons, Sherry Surrendered 2002-01-14 NA20268
Isom, Keona Marie Suspension 2008-05-06 NA33980
Isom, Keona Marie Reinstatement 2012-06-11 NA33980
Israel, Christiana Reprimand 2008-04-28 NA20594
Izzo, Karen Suspension 2009-05-08 NA05068
Jackson, Melissa Probation 2003-11-18 NA02685
Jackson, Melissa Relief from Probation 2011-09-14 NA02685
Jacquet, Makia Reinstatement 2006-05-24 NA34062
Jacquet, Makia Suspension 2006-01-10 NA34062
Jacquet, Makia Probation 2005-05-02 NA34062
Jagne, Kalitou Reprimand 2008-04-28 NA34503
James, Corey Suspension 2007-08-17 NA32184
James, Troy Revocation 1994-01-31 NA08199
Jean Louis, Denia Relief from Probation 2007-06-12 NA32074
Jean Louis, Denia Probation 2005-08-24 NA32074
JeanPhilippe, Gina Relief from Suspension 2008-11-26 NA32186
JeanPhilippe, Gina Suspension 2006-04-10 NA32186
Jeanty, Justine Probation 1994-12-08 NA09694
Jenkins, Valerie Probation 2010-04-16 NA33642
Jenkins, Valerie Relief from Probation 2011-03-08 NA33642
Jennings, Ellen Suspension 2004-10-29 NA06193
Jesser, Mary Surrendered 2001-04-23 NA13054
Jeudy, Johanne (Gabriel) Probation 2008-01-11 NA26548
Jillson, Monique Revocation 2014-03-19 NA11772
Johnson, Ellen Suspension 2005-11-18 NA21491
Johnson, Karen Revocation 1999-04-30 NA23522
Johnson, Mary Revocation 1995-01-28 NA05810
Johnson, Maryanne Relief from Probation 2005-05-10 NA30218
Johnson, Maryanne Probation 2002-09-09 NA30218
Johnson, Pauline Probation 2005-01-07 NA30928
Johnson, Roseline Revocation 2016-06-29 NA43033
Johnson, Shiloh Revocation 2001-07-03 NA23468
Johnson, Stephanie Relief from Probation 2008-02-12 NA22674
Johnson, Stephanie Probation 2006-03-13 NA22674
Johnson, Stephanie Relief from Probation 2002-01-15 NA22674
Johnson, Stephanie Probation 2001-05-28 NA22674
Johnson, Tiffany Revocation 2013-08-29 NA39546
Johnston, Patricia Revocation 1994-01-04 NA04865
Jordan, Karen Reprimand 1993-02-22 NA00622
Jordan, Paulette Relief from Probation 2009-10-06 NA02032
Jordan, Paulette Probation 2007-07-12 NA02032
Joseph, Christiana Relief from Probation 2001-12-05 NA20594
Joseph, Christiana Probation 2001-09-07 NA20594
Joseph, Christiana Probation 2001-02-08 NA20594
Joseph, Marie Relief from Probation 2007-06-12 NA27515
Joseph, Marie Probation 2004-12-10 NA27515
Joubert, Gloria Reprimand 2007-01-19 NA15499
Judkins, Steven Reprimand 2004-03-10 NA26340
Kaba, Mamoudou Suspension 2007-04-26 NA22026
Kaba, Mamoudou Probation 2003-04-23 NA22026
Kai, Antoinette Suspension 1996-04-22 NA07662
Kamara, Fatu Suspension 2008-05-06 NA36398
Karmo, Kumba Reinstatement 2009-04-03 NA33542
Karmo, Kumba Revocation 2005-08-02 NA33542
Kay, Robin, Anne Reprimand 2007-12-11 NA26937
Kaykai, Demoe Relief from Probation 2007-01-09 NA28031
Kaykai, Demoe Probation 2005-10-26 NA28031
Kaykai, Demoe Suspension 2005-07-25 NA28031
Kaykai, Demoe Probation 2002-01-23 NA28031
Keegan, Dennis Suspension 2004-10-29 NA20500
Kelley, Shannon Suspension 2004-03-13 NA28555
Kelly, Angela Suspension 2007-07-12 NA29957
Kenyon, Eric Revocation 1999-09-28 NA23036
Kiazolu, Ayisha Reprimand 2015-01-15 NA46734
Kilgore, Melissa Revocation 1996-06-28 NA01380
Kimber, Gladys (McBorough) Revocation 1996-03-22 NA07015
King, Monkonjay Probation 2003-03-31 NA28808
King, Tammy Revocation 2015-02-10 NA24070
Kinlaw, Eva Revocation 2016-03-31 NA30288
Kokeh, Georgia Relief from Probation 1999-09-14 NA15843
Kokeh, Georgia Probation 1998-10-08 NA15843
Korngor, Betty Reprimand 2016-10-20 NA11656
Krichevskiy, Nadia N. Suspension 2011-03-15 NA28863
Kruah, Monego Reprimand 2009-07-31 NA06092
Krul, Gloria Reprimand 2005-02-04 NA26942
Kuyon, Olivia Reprimand 2009-08-06 NA35312
Kwarteng, Maxwell Revocation 2001-09-27 NA22101
Kwolek, Diane Surrendered 2006-10-05 NA08070
Kwolek, Diane Surrendered 2006-02-16 NA08070
Labao, Lucy Probation 2008-08-20 NA32079
Labelle, Linda Revocation 2016-02-15 NA35842
Lafrance, Carol Probation 2005-02-04 NA31600
Lafrance, Carolyn Relief from Probation 2007-06-12 NA31600
Lake, Cynthia Probation 1996-12-18 NA12207
Lake, Dawn Relief from Suspension 2008-06-25 NA18680
Lake, Dawn Suspension 2006-09-25 NA18680
Lambert, Holidae Reprimand 2007-03-14 NA13195
Lamin, Andrew Revocation 2001-01-19 NA24146
Lamoureaux, Melissa Revocation 2002-03-15 NA21074
Lamoureaux, Melissa Relief from Probation 1999-06-08 NA21074
Lamoureaux, Melissa Probation 1998-10-30 NA21074
Landry, Danielle Revocation 2004-10-08 NA30458
Lang, Julie Suspension 2002-03-15 NA26049
Lang, Julie Probation 2001-09-20 NA26049
Lang, Julie Probation 2000-07-21 NA26049
LapietraCarreiro, Louise Reprimand 2009-07-31 NA27361
Laplume, Joyce Reprimand 2006-09-05 NA03451
Laroue, Dawn Revocation 1993-02-19 NA11119
Lartey, Benjamin Probation 2003-11-14 NA24863
Latina, Myrna Revocation 1993-02-19 NA07923
Laurent, Kerri, A. Reprimand 2011-11-10 NA33854
Lavallee, Marc Relief from Probation 2007-08-10 NA35939
Lavallee, Marc Probation 2006-09-01 NA35939
Lavery, Bonnie, Lee Reprimand 2008-10-28 NA31000
Lavigne, Julia Suspension 2002-12-05 NA24895
Lavoie, David Reinstatement 2001-04-17 NA19328
Lavoie, David Probation 1996-02-27 NA19328
Lavoie, Donna Probation 1995-10-20 NA07636
Lawal, Olanrewaju, (a.k.a,Adio, Ola ) Relief from Probation 2006-07-18 NA09921
Lawal, Olanrewaju, (a.k.a,Adio, Ola ) Probation 2004-10-08 NA09921
Lawal, Olanrewaju, (a.k.a,Adio, Ola ) Reinstatement 1999-07-01 NA09921
Lawal, Olanrewaju, (a.k.a,Adio, Ola ) Suspension 1993-10-05 NA09921
Lawani, Mayowa Relief from Probation 2009-03-10 NA30184
Lawani, Mayowa Reinstatement 2005-12-06 NA30184
Lawani, Mayowa Reinstatement 2004-12-20 NA30184
Lawani, Mayowa Revocation 2004-10-29 NA30184
Lawrence, Normand Suspension 2005-06-30 NA06054
Lawrence, Normand Probation 2002-03-20 NA06054
Lawrence, Normand Surrendered 2000-12-06 NA06054
Lecuivre, Donna Summary Suspension 2014-07-07 NA28754
Lecuivre, Donna Revocation 2015-10-15 NA28754
Lee, Dionne Relief from Suspension 2009-04-21 NA17428
Lee, Dionne Suspension 2006-09-25 NA17428
Leite, Jeffrey Suspension 2015-12-04 NA42834
Lemieux, Kelly, N. Relief from Suspension 2010-09-14 NA32132
Lemieux, Kelly, N. Suspension 2008-08-08 NA32132
Lemieux, Kelly, N. Reprimand 2007-11-27 NA32132
Lempitsky, Carol Probation 2005-02-04 NA18002
Leone, Rosiane Suspension 2005-03-02 NA31653
Leone, Rosiane Reinstatement 2011-05-10 NA31653
Lepore, Alexandra Revocation 2001-12-04 NA26077
Levesque, Juliet, Rose (fka McKenzie, Juliet, Rose) Revocation 2009-11-30 NA36328
Levesque, LeeAnn Reprimand 2007-04-03 NA27205
Lewis, Carmen Suspension 2005-08-03 NA03489
Lewis, Carmen Probation 2004-10-08 NA03489
Lewis, Tricia Suspension 2007-05-04 NA16457
Liranzo, Andelys Probation 2017-10-02 NA41944
Lisa, Richard, M. Probation 2004-07-26 NA33075
Loccisano, Gina Revocation 2003-09-18 NA12533
Lockwood, Holly Suspension 2009-07-31 NA38559
Lopes, Ana Paula Suspension 2007-12-13 NA32906
Lopes, Ana Paula Probation 2005-11-18 NA32906
Lopes, Yvonne Suspension 2007-08-17 NA19537
LopesJohnson, Nancy Probation 2004-10-08 NA31299
LopesMauricio, Andrea Reinstatement 2006-12-14 NA28851
LopesMauricio, Andrea Suspension 2005-10-31 NA28851
Lopez, (see Abney/Sanders) Lakesha Reinstatement 2006-03-20 NA26101
Lopez, (see Abney/Sanders) Lakesha Revocation 2005-08-03 NA26101
Lopez, (see Abney/Sanders) Lakesha Probation 2004-06-04 NA26101
Lopez, Lakesha (see Abney/Sanders) Relief from Probation 2008-11-26 NA26101
Lorince, Renee Reprimand 2006-04-10 NA10733
Lott, Eva Relief from Probation 1998-11-10 NA09376
Lott, Eva Probation 1997-10-07 NA09376
Louis, Jean (Similien) Peirre Probation 2003-04-01 NA25158
Lowo, Deborah (Lambo) Relief from Probation 1996-07-31 NA10470
Lowo, Deborah (Lambo) Probation 1995-03-31 NA10470
Lucciola, Jr., Carlo Reprimand 2007-04-03 NA34704
Luis, David Surrendered 2003-05-08 NA28062
Luke, Gloria Reprimand 2016-07-25 NA38749
Luther, Eleanor Relief from Probation 1997-12-18 NA06538
Luther, Eleanor Probation 1997-05-19 NA06538
Ly, Raqui Probation 2003-04-23 NA28061
Machado, Christy Reprimand 2007-08-17 NA35856
Madave, Venus, Welley Suspension 2012-07-11 NA33543
Magner, Erin Revocation 1998-06-30 NA17056
Magnum, Linda Suspension 1998-06-30 NA22499
Magrito, Pamela Revocation 1994-04-04 NA09436
Maiato, Victoria Suspension 2005-10-26 NA27186
Mailhot, Richard, Armand Reprimand 2007-11-28 NA35578
Maitre, Myraine Relief from Probation 2002-03-12 NA12310
Maitre, Myraine Probation 2001-02-23 NA12310
Major, Cheryl Reprimand 2015-10-15 NA31734
Maldonado, Alba Relief from Probation 2001-03-20 NA25302
Maldonado, Alba Suspension 2001-02-15 NA25302
Maldonado, Alba Probation 1999-02-26 NA25302
Malmberg, Joan Reprimand 2009-06-15 NA01220
Mancini, Sheila Revocation 2001-01-19 NA12519
Mantoosh, Elizabeth Suspension 2010-05-11 NA29479
Mantoosh, Elizabeth Relief from Probation 2006-03-14 NA29479
Mantoosh, Elizabeth Probation 2005-03-15 NA29479
Marcello, Claudia (Manfredi) Probation 1997-10-07 NA08946
Marcello, Claudia (Manfredi) Suspension 1998-10-02 NA08946
Marcello, Claudia (Manfredi) Reinstatement 1998-11-30 NA08946
Marchand, Susan Revocation 2003-11-14 NA06385
Marcucci, Ann Marie Suspension 2002-06-30 NA28134
Marley, Franchette Reprimand 2004-02-10 NA11226
Marshall, Christina Reprimand 2003-11-17 NA22273
Martin, Patricia Revocation 1998-06-29 NA02300
Martin, Tracy (Johnson) Revocation 1993-03-18 NA08191
Martinelli, Rhonda Reprimand 2012-04-05 NA20928
Massey, Keith Suspension 2003-11-24 NA28654
Mathers, Julie Suspension 2005-09-02 NA20726
Mathers, Julie Probation 2004-06-04 NA20726
Mathers, Julie Forfeiture of License 1998-05-26 NA20726
Matthews, Elvira Reprimand 2009-12-10 NA20922
Matthews, Elvira Relief from Probation 2008-11-25 NA20922
Matthews, Elvira Probation 2006-10-25 NA20922
Mauricio, Andrea Probation 2004-12-10 NA28851
Mayorga, Iris Relief from Probation 2007-01-30 NA30922
Mayorga, Iris Reinstatement 2006-06-20 NA30922
Mayorga, Iris Revocation 2006-03-09 NA30922
Mayorga, Iris Revocation 2013-05-31 NA30922
Mburu, Peter Decision 2017-08-28 NA45378
McCarthy, Coleen Relief from Probation 2002-01-15 NA03355
McCarthy, Coleen Probation 2000-05-31 NA03355
McCarthy, Coleen Probation 2001-05-17 NA03355
McCarthy, Margaret Surrendered 1998-12-01 NA10670
McClinton, Celena Suspension 2008-02-08 NA33511
McCormick, Frances Probation 2005-02-04 NA03640
McCoy, Kathy Lee Revocation 2016-03-31 NA40722
McCoy, Rosalinda Reprimand 2004-03-10 NA26963
McDonough, Patricia, Revocation 2009-04-20 NA32865
McDuff, Jennifer Revocation 1998-03-23 NA12679
McElroy, Michelle Suspension 2006-03-09 NA26051
McElroy, Michelle Probation 2005-02-04 NA26051
McGarry, Ryan Suspension 1995-08-15 NA15996
McGarry, Ryan Probation 1995-08-25 NA15996
McGovern, Delores Reprimand 2006-05-08 NA27848
McGowan, Donna Suspension 2005-09-02 NA16930
McGowan, Donna Probation 2004-11-23 NA16930
McGwin, Maragaret Surrendered 2004-10-15 NA08925
McKarr, Marsue Reprimand 2005-10-05 NA26081
McKee, Laura Revocation 2010-07-30 NA37117
McKenzie, Juliet, Rose (aka Levesque, Juliet, Rose) Revocation 2009-11-30 NA36328
McKinnon, Shannon, M. Revocation 2011-02-11 NA28079
McLoughlin, Brenda Suspension 2001-11-30 NA23825
McLoughlin, Brenda Probation 1999-11-30 NA23825
McQuaide, Judy, G. Reprimand 2008-04-30 NA01058
Medbery, Keith Relief from Probation 2001-06-12 NA23411
Medbery, Keith Probation 1999-03-30 NA23411
Medeiros, Carolyn Revocation 2004-04-02 NA28305
Medeiros, Jaclyn Suspension 1996-07-05 NA14046
Medeiros, Susan Reprimand 2014-09-17 NA07918
Mehta, Karuna Surrendered 2016-08-17 NA31361
Mello, Christine, Ribera Consent Order 2002-04-01 NA18412
Mello, Christine, Ribera Suspension 1998-10-27 NA18412
Melse, Syllia Probation 2005-08-02 NA05511
Mencarini, Jessica Probation 1993-03-03 NA02879
Mencarini, Jessica Suspension 1996-09-01 NA02879
Mendez, Alba Reprimand 2007-05-04 NA27772
Mendiola, Melinda Reprimand 2001-10-23 NA27730
Mendonca, Domingas Revocation 2003-05-15 NA20915
Menissian, Gary Consent Order 2018-09-12 NA29047
Menissian, Gary Summary Suspension 2011-08-04 NA29047
Mentor, John Reprimand 2007-01-30 NA29172
Merritt, Sabrina Suspension 2006-06-05 NA34133
Metcalf, Brenda (aka Imondi, Brenda) Relief from Probation 2010-03-09 NA19039
Metcalf, Brenda (aka Imondi, Brenda) Probation 2005-01-07 NA19039
Miga, Melissa Surrendered 1999-05-28 NA20773
Miller, Samuel Probation 1997-10-13 NA14609
Miller, Samuel Suspension 1998-11-23 NA14609
Mitchell, Gina Suspension 2002-03-15 NA25726
Mitchell, Gina Probation 2001-01-22 NA25726
Mobray, Maxine Reprimand 2010-06-04 NA32224
Moeuy, Polo Revocation 1997-07-11 NA15940
Molina, Jessica Suspension 2007-03-06 NA33047
Molokwu, Mosun Reprimand 2011-12-09 NA34844
Monemou, Wallice Reprimand 2009-07-24 NA36870
Moore, Joann Probation 2004-05-12 NA32719
Moore, Joanne Relief from Probation 2007-01-30 NA32719
Moore, Sharon Revocation 2001-03-01 NA26972
Moorehead, Bethany Reprimand 2009-07-24 NA33895
Morang, Dawn Relief from Probation 1993-09-15 NA07448
Morang, Dawn Probation 1993-03-08 NA07448
Moreira, Lisa Suspension 2006-10-25 NA33738
Moreira, Maria Relief from Probation 1994-03-04 NA06758
Moreira, Maria Probation 1993-03-04 NA06758
Morency, Alourde Relief from Probation 2007-12-11 NA20060
Morency, Alourde Reinstatement 2006-06-20 NA20060
Morency, Alourde Suspension 2005-09-02 NA20060
Morency, Alourde Probation 2003-06-30 NA20060
Morenzi, Angela Reinstatement 2008-12-29 NA29481
Morenzi, Angela Revocation 2008-03-31 NA29481
Morgan, Rachael Reprimand 2018-01-31 NA44994
MorganPorter, Osaretin Reprimand 2008-04-22 NA22880
Moriarty, Krystal Relief from Probation 2005-09-17 NA13491
Moriarty, Krystal Probation 2002-03-28 NA13491
Mosby, John Probation 1996-04-05 NA19529
Mosby, John Suspension 2000-12-15 NA19529
Mosca, Carleen Ann, (aka, Florio, Carleen) Reinstatement 2009-06-19 NA36477
Mosca, Carleen Ann, (aka, Florio, Carleen) Suspension 2008-12-18 NA36477
Mota, Ana Suspension 2006-04-10 NA15881
Mota, Ana Relief from Suspension 2015-01-22 NA15881
Mowry, Donna Revocation 2009-05-15 NA23924
Mowry, Lorraine Reprimand 2001-08-20 NA16158
Mullen, Rebecca Revocation 1999-01-11 NA19985
Mullenhour, Cassandra Suspension 2014-03-10 NA39097
Mulvey, Khalil Reprimand 2018-06-26 NA44403
Murphy, Lynn Revocation 2016-02-26 NA26390
Murphy, Susan Reprimand 2011-01-11 NA36558
Murphy, Susan Suspension 2012-05-01 NA36558
Nasser, Rebecca Probation 1996-03-06 NA14140
Natalizia, Sharon Revocation 2004-03-17 NA19799
Natzke, Rhonda Relief from Probation 2001-12-11 NA09382
Ndaiye, Stephanieaka (Smith, Stephanie) Reprimand 2010-09-14 NA32458
Ndaiye, Stephanieaka (Smith, Stephanie) Probation 2008-04-22 NA32458
Ndaiye, Stephanieaka (Smith, Stephanie) Suspension 2007-11-08 NA32458
Ndiaye, Cheikh Reprimand 2018-05-23 NA51092
Negron, Yolanda Probation 2003-03-20 NA27571
Nelligan Melissa Suspension 2012-12-27 NA22755
Nelson, Kimberly Reprimand 2007-07-12 NA31938
Nelson, Syretta Reprimand 2010-07-16 NA40076
Newsham, Kristen Relief from Suspension 2009-03-10 NA21789
Newsham, Kristen Suspension 2007-03-09 NA21789
Niang, Christine Revocation 2007-03-06 NA23554
Nichols, Shanine aka (Shannen) Suspension 2009-06-05 NA29999
Nichols, Shannen aka (Shanine) Relief from Probation 2006-10-03 NA29999
Nichols, Shannen aka (Shanine) Probation 2004-10-08 NA29999
Nimmo, Zwannah Revocation 2001-09-28 NA06451
Nixon, Jesse Probation 2005-08-24 NA34710
Nkwantabasia, Albert Reprimand 2007-03-23 NA24437
Nobile, Kathleen Revocation 2000-04-30 NA19235
Nobile, Kathleen Revocation 2000-04-30 NA19235
Nordin, Robert Probation 1996-09-21 NA10294
Nordin, Robert Suspension 1997-03-31 NA10294
NormanWilliams, Louisa Relief from Probation 1997-11-01 NA05450
NormanWilliams, Louisa Probation 1995-10-16 NA05450
Nowak, Fred Probation 1997-10-29 NA23046
Nowak, Fred Suspension 1999-08-01 NA23046
Nunez, Julia Revocation 2004-03-10 NA15378
O'Brien, Karen Suspension 2007-04-26 NA17779
O'Brien, Karen Probation 2004-03-17 NA17779
O'Brien, Linda Revocation 2014-06-02 NA01369
O'Donnell, John Probation 1996-12-20 NA14506
O'Donnell, John Suspension 1998-01-23 NA14506
Obinyan, Emmanuel Suspension 2007-02-20 NA17243
OBrien, Shannon, (a.k.a. Swinburne, Shannon) Suspension 2006-02-07 NA09017
OBrien, Shannon, (a.k.a. Swinburne, Shannon) Probation 2004-10-29 NA09017
OdenaLosier, Sandra Reprimand 2005-03-02 NA28775
Odewale, Iyabo Revocation 2000-09-30 NA13682
Oisamaiye, James Surrendered 2000-04-24 NA12749
Okanlawon, Saidi Reprimand 2007-01-19 NA34047
Okowubi, Antonia Revocation 1999-06-18 NA25022
Olaloko, Adeshina, (a.k.a. Olaloko, Lalfees) Revocation 2006-12-15 NA26362
Olaloko, Lalfees, (a.k.a. Olaloko,Adeshina ) Revocation 2006-12-15 NA30190
Olaoye, Adewale Reprimand 2006-03-09 NA30285
Olatawura, Pearl Relief from Probation 1996-09-03 NA03006
Olatawura, Pearl Probation 1995-01-30 NA03006
Olavinka, Olasula Revocation 2000-12-15 NA26682
Olayinka, Fausatu Relief from Revocation 2005-07-08 NA29632
Olayinka, Fausatu Revocation 2004-04-22 NA29632
Olivastro, Darling Revocation 2009-05-08 NA12045
Oliver, Carrie Relief from Probation 2008-10-31 NA31442
Oliver, Carrie Probation 2005-01-14 NA31442
Olivero, Johanna Reprimand 2006-12-15 NA25003
Omonkhegbe, Olabisi Relief from Probation 1999-11-09 NA20580
Omonkhegbe, Olabisi Probation 1999-04-15 NA20580
Onabanwo, Adeniyi Relief from Suspension 2005-10-27 NA30349
Onabanwo, Adeniyi Suspension 2005-04-04 NA30349
Onabanwo, Adeniyi Probation 2004-03-17 NA30349
Onabanwo, Adeniyi Probation 2004-03-13 NA30349
Oosterman, Marie Revocation 1993-05-21 NA10763
Ordway, Sean Reprimand 2007-04-05 NA08694T
Orme, Tracey (Steele) Relief from Probation 2005-11-08 NA01508
Orme, Tracey (Steele) Probation 2002-10-09 NA01508
Osei, Festus Probation 2002-03-28 NA22869
Oshinkanlu, Katrina Suspension 2007-03-06 NA29537
Owolabi, Kehinde Suspension 2007-01-03 NA32713
Owolabi, Kehinde Probation 2004-12-10 NA32713
Pacheco, Madeline Reprimand 2005-11-01 NA28903
Pacheco, Vivian Reprimand 2005-10-18 NA34517
Palazzo, Dorothy Suspension 2002-02-14 NA26691
Pamphile, Magdala Relief from Probation 2007-06-25 NA29926
Pamphile, Magdala Probation 2005-02-04 NA29926
Pannone, Mary Suspension 2006-03-14 NA22684
Pannone, Mary Probation 2005-08-24 NA22684
Paola, Chelsea Revocation 2015-10-15 NA44711
Papa, Nancy Suspension 1999-04-22 NA20327
Papa, Nancy Probation 1998-10-30 NA20327
Parau, Mary Reprimand 2006-10-25 NA29338
Pare, Melissa Reprimand 2007-04-05 NA00078
Parker, Mamie Probation 1998-04-28 NA23881
Parker, Mamie Probation 2000-04-28 NA23881
Parker, Mamie Suspension 2000-12-15 NA23881
Parker, Mamie Reinstatement 2001-01-09 NA23881
Parker, Rebecca Suspension 2005-09-02 NA29124
Parker, Rebecca Probation 2005-03-02 NA29124
Parrillo, Amanda Revocation 2018-06-12 NA47670
Pascua, John Revocation 1997-02-24 NA13169
Patenaude, Robin Revocation 2010-10-15 NA13925
Patterson Jessica, (aka, Collins,Jessica) Suspension 2010-03-31 NA33945
Patterson, Debra Reprimand 2009-01-20 NA15807
Paula, Iran Revocation 2013-08-11 NA35640
Pawlowski, Maria Revocation 1997-04-04 NA12548
Paye, Tenneh Surrendered 2002-05-07 NA09949
Payette, Melissa Revocation 2010-06-04 NA38278
Payne, Norman Suspension 2002-11-21 NA25524
Peck, Deborah Reprimand 2006-04-04 NA14816
Pella, Robert Reprimand 2008-02-05 NA33400
Pelliccia, Yolanda Revocation 2014-04-23 NA39682
Pemberton, Jennifer Revocation 2010-03-31 NA30037
Pepper, Daniel, Leonard Suspension 2010-02-05 NA34060
Pereira, Tony Reprimand 2014-08-06 NA02662
Perez, Laura Probation 2001-11-06 NA12914
Perez, Laura Relief from Probation 2011-01-11 NA12914
Perez, Renee Suspension 2007-03-06 NA27562
Perkins, Cheryl Relief from Probation 2007-01-09 NA12219
Perkins, Cheryl Probation 2005-11-14 NA12219
Perkins, Cheryl Probation 2003-08-14 NA12219
Perou, Daphney Suspension 2018-07-12 NA46434
Perrotta, Susan Reprimand 2012-04-18 NA39115
Perry, Christopher Suspension 2000-08-15 NA23815
Perry, Margaret Relief from Probation 2007-01-30 NA23249
Perry, Margaret Probation 2005-03-11 NA23249
Perry, Olawunmi Reprimand 2007-07-12 NA06231
Perry, Olawunmi Reprimand 2007-03-06 NA06231
Person, Alice Probation 2005-08-24 NA05293
Petronsky, Tiffany Reprimand 2007-08-17 NA34667
Pettis, Kevin Relief from Probation 2009-04-16 NA02074
Pettis, Kevin Probation 2004-09-07 NA02074
Phetmoukda, Chanthajohn Revocation 2008-12-17 NA37302
Phetteplace, Michelle Reinstatement 2001-02-20 NA20173
Phetteplace, Michelle Probation 1999-12-16 NA20173
Pierre Louis, Marie Imalie, (a.k.a. Jean Similien) Reprimand 2005-10-04 NA25158
Pierre Louis, Marie Imalie, (a.k.a. Jean Similien) Revocation 2000-11-15 NA25158
Pierre, Marie Reprimand 2005-10-20 NA30910
Pinheirio (a.k.a.Ferretti), Julie Revocation 1994-01-04 NA12634
Pinkerton, Robin Suspension 2005-05-25 NA26028
Pitts, Susan Reprimand 2009-09-22 NA14478
Plante, Belinda Probation 2005-08-24 NA34781
Plante, Keith Reprimand 2017-04-24 NA11706
Platt, Kristen Relief from Probation 1998-12-09 NA15710
Platt, Kristen Probation 1996-11-29 NA15710
Ploude, Shirley, (Kelly) Relief from Probation 1996-06-04 NA00762
Ploude, Shirley, (Kelly) Probation 1995-04-04 NA00762
Pope, Barbara Reprimand 2007-01-19 NA20488
Potter, William Surrendered 1997-10-28 NA09642
Potts, Lindsay Revocation 2001-04-23 NA26991
Pratt, Becky (Ogbemudia) Relief from Probation 1999-03-09 NA16480
Pratt, Becky (Ogbemudia) Probation 1998-06-26 NA16480
Prete, April Revocation 2002-06-30 NA05225
Prudent, Aldrich Relief from Probation 2009-09-28 NA25108
Prudent, Aldrich Probation 2004-07-16 NA25108
Pucella, Michelle Probation 1999-09-28 NA24408
Pucella, Michelle Reinstatement 2000-11-20 NA24408
Pulsifer, Jaclyn Revocation 1996-08-23 NA12654
Puryear, Robin Revocation 2005-02-04 NA07238
Quattropani, William Suspension 2001-04-17 NA22328
Quattropani, William Probation 1998-06-26 NA22328
Quinn, Colleen Surrendered 2003-07-01 NA09116
Ramos,Jr. Mathias Probation 2005-03-02 NA03133
Ramos,Jr. Mathias Probation 2004-06-03 NA03133
Randall, Marion Probation 2004-11-01 NA25001
Ranglin, Carol, T. Reprimand 2011-02-11 NA27147
Rawls, Judith Relief from Probation 2004-08-17 NA11131
Rawls, Judith Probation 2002-03-21 NA11131
Raymond, Marie Suspension 2005-03-07 NA09472
Reichrud, Ilya Relief from Suspension 2004-07-13 NA27349
Reichrud, Ilya Suspension 2002-03-15 NA27349
Reichrud, Ilya Probation 2000-08-28 NA27349
Remillard, Stacy Suspension 2008-02-05 NA31380
Remy, Eddy Revocation 1998-10-15 NA15363
Remy, Eddy Probation 2001-09-21 NA15363
Remy, Marie Relief from Probation 2006-10-03 NA26721
Remy, Marie Suspension 2005-11-30 NA26721
Remy, Marie Probation 2001-09-21 NA26721
Rennick, Kaitlyn Revocation 2014-06-19 NA42853
Reyes, Victoria Revocation 2014-05-12 NA41651
Rhodes, Theoline Reprimand 2008-11-25 NA34585
Richard, BobbieSue Probation 2005-10-31 NA29241
Richard, Lee Ann Relief from Probation 2008-11-25 NA30318
Richard, Lee Ann Probation 2006-09-25 NA30318
Richardson, Afusatu Probation 2003-06-21 NA24371
Riquinha, Berta Revocation 2017-04-18 NA29638
Risho, Sharlene Reprimand 2014-07-14 NA37506
Rivera, Angelica Reprimand 2016-09-07 NA49395
Rivera, Carmen Reprimand 2007-11-08 NA34284
Rivera, Edgar Revocation 1999-06-28 NA11936
Rivera, Lisette Revocation 2004-05-12 NA31713
Roberson, Charlese Reprimand 2004-03-09 NA21415
Roberts, Lois Revocation 2010-06-04 NA18272
Roberts, Lois Relief from Probation 2005-10-12 NA18272
Roberts, Lois Probation 2001-07-09 NA18272
Robertson, Gracie Relief from Probation 2002-03-12 NA09259
Robertson, Gracie Probation 2000-12-05 NA09259
Robillard, Danielle Relief from Probation 2008-09-15 NA33752
Robillard, Danielle Reinstatement 2006-05-11 NA33752
Robillard, Danielle Suspension 2005-06-03 NA33752
Robinson Constable, Sandra Probation 2005-06-06 NA29004
Robinson, Barbara, J. Reprimand 2008-10-28 NA13446
Robinson, Kisha Suspension 2006-05-11 NA31055
Robinson, Kisha Reprimand 2006-03-13 NA31055
Robinson, Michelle Suspension 2017-05-25 NA49598
Roccabello, Barbara Reinstatement 2003-09-16 NA15467
Roccabello, Barbara Revocation 1996-08-08 NA15467
Rochford, Tina Reprimand 2009-06-05 NA33332
Rockwell, Janel Suspension 2006-04-10 NA32553
Roderick, Rosanna Probation 2005-04-29 NA20039
Rodericks, Laurie Relief from Probation 2006-11-21 NA04258
Rodericks, Laurie Probation 2004-10-08 NA04258
Rodi, Joseph W. Probation 2000-04-24 NA11767
Rodrigues, Francisco Summary Suspension 2018-05-09 NA38318
Rodrigues, Linda Revocation 2011-12-09 NA04503
Rodrigues, Michelle Probation 2005-01-07 NA10484
Rodrigues, Michelle Relief from Probation 2011-09-15 NA10484
Rodrigues, Nathaniel Summary Suspension 2012-12-07 NA26731
Rodrigues, Nathaniel Surrendered 2013-01-28 NA26731
Rodriguez, Angela E. Probation 2004-11-05 NA15527
Rodriguez, Angela, M. Suspension 2007-01-30 NA29481
Rodriguez, Angela, M. Relief from Probation 2004-03-09 NA29481
Rodriguez, Angela, M. Probation 2002-04-04 NA29481
Rodriguez, Jacqueline Revocation 2008-05-06 NA25329
Rodriguez, Nordibel Reprimand 2015-08-28 NA44318
Rodriguez, Sandra Revocation 2000-03-31 NA24479
Roma, Donna Suspension 2002-04-08 NA20071
Rondeau, Debra Revocation 2004-10-08 NA28147
Roomes, Pamela Suspension 2003-04-23 NA09979
Rooney, Meredith Suspension 2006-10-04 NA03748
Ross, Alesia Revocation 1999-06-30 NA10835
Rotatori, Paula Probation 1996-10-28 NA12017
Rothemich, Lori Probation 2003-11-18 NA02578T
Rothermel, Julie Surrendered 2001-12-19 NA05490
Rowe, Ruth Revocation 2001-05-28 NA22368
Rowe, Victoria Relief from Probation 1994-12-06 NA04599
Rowe, Victoria Probation 1994-05-16 NA04599
Roy, Sharon (Robidoux) Probation 1997-04-14 NA14160
Roy, Sharon (Robidoux) Suspension 1998-07-20 NA14160
Roy, Shirley Reprimand 2006-04-10 NA03261
Sabbat, Marie Reprimand 2007-03-06 NA26264
Saine, Saihou Revocation 2004-02-29 NA28696
Sallah, Christine Suspension 2014-05-12 NA31960
Salomon, Marie, B. Suspension 2008-10-10 NA34683
Salu, Abiodun Relief from Probation 2008-09-26 NA30482
Salu, Abiodun Probation 2008-04-22 NA30482
Salu, Abiodun Suspension 2007-01-30 NA30482
Sampson, Jacqueline Probation 1995-11-20 NA14241
Sampson, Jacqueline Reinstatement 1996-11-18 NA14241
Samson, Gabrielle Probation 2007-01-19 NA02934
Samson, Gabrielle Probation 1999-03-22 NA02934
Samson, Gabrielle Relief from Probation 2000-03-14 NA02934
Samson, Gabrielle Reinstatement 2000-04-06 NA02934
Sanchez, Evelin Reprimand 2005-08-19 NA27322
Sanchez, Iris Reprimand 2007-08-17 NA33754
Sanchez, Iris Revocation 2007-04-03 NA33754
Sanchez, Iris Probation 2005-08-03 NA33754
Sanchez, Ivon Reprimand 2007-06-12 NA26741
Sanchez, Stephanie Decision 2018-07-25 NA47392
Sanders, (see Abney/Lopez) Lakesha Relief from Probation 2008-11-26 NA26101
Sanders, (see Abney/Lopez) Lakesha Reinstatement 2006-03-20 NA26101
Sanders, (see Abney/Lopez) Lakesha Revocation 2005-08-03 NA26101
Sanders, (see Abney/Lopez) Lakesha Probation 2004-06-04 NA26101
Sanders, Kim Reprimand 2009-01-20 NA31465
Sanders, Kim Reprimand 2006-09-05 NA31465
Sanders, William Reprimand 2004-03-13 NA08491
Sandimanie, Bernice Probation 2004-10-08 NA33294
Sanford, Donna Probation 2001-12-28 NA01352
Sanford, Donna Probation 2000-10-03 NA01352
Sanni, Elizabeth Suspension 2004-12-10 NA31682
Sanon, Wilson Reinstatement 2005-08-25 NA22329
Sanon, Wilson Suspension 2005-02-04 NA22329
Santagata, Nicole Relief from Probation 2008-11-26 NA29614
Santagata, Nicole Probation 2007-08-17 NA29614
Santiago Camacho, Alexandra Reprimand 2017-10-19 NA51115
Santiago, Angela Reinstatement 2007-07-12 NA27652
Santiago, Angela Probation 2001-01-04 NA27652
Santiago, Maria Relief from Probation 1998-03-10 NA18727
Santiago, Maria Probation 1997-02-21 NA18727
Santiago, Sylvia Suspension 2012-04-03 NA38110
Santos, Alan Relief from Probation 1997-09-09 NA11283
Santos, Alan Probation 1996-09-21 NA11283
Santos, Shirley Reprimand 1993-02-22 NA06843
Saunders, Jaime Decision 2018-07-25 NA37558
Sawka, Bridget Reprimand 2005-04-04 NA24380
Sayee, Anthony Reprimand 2009-01-16 NA37790
Scalise, Joseph Relief from Probation 1997-09-09 NA13483
Scalise, Joseph Probation 1998-11-30 NA13483
Scanlon, Lisa Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA21540
Schaefer, Jodie Suspension 2004-05-07 NA30565
Schell, Christine Probation 1998-03-02 NA17237
Schell, Christine Suspension 2000-07-27 NA17237
Schouboe, Tara Suspension 2006-01-10 NA29068
Scolaro, Theresa Reinstatement 2006-06-20 NA13910
Scolaro, Theresa Suspension 2005-11-28 NA13910
Scolaro, Theresa Probation 2004-12-10 NA13910
Scott, Glen, Eugene Reprimand 2008-05-06 NA32243
ScottRodriguez, Mia Suspension 2005-01-07 NA32128
Seitzinger, Leif Surrendered 1997-10-03 NA03029
Sengbe, Neni Reprimand 2005-05-25 NA01593
Serra, Eudalia, aka (Caraballo, Eudalia), (Stilson, Eudalia) Reprimand 2009-03-10 NA18807
Shanley, Susan Revocation 2004-10-29 NA15818
Sharpe, Catherine Suspension 1993-09-28 NA07555
Sharpe, Dorothy Reprimand 2012-04-11 NA27637
Sheldon, Stacy Revocation 2013-08-11 NA29656
Sherman, Fatima Relief from Probation 2005-11-08 NA16183
Sherman, Fatima Probation 2002-03-29 NA16183
Sherperis, Joseph Revocation 1997-05-23 NA17729
Sherrod Aluko, Dianne Revocation 2016-05-09 NA16945
Sherrod, Keyona Revocation 2004-07-19 NA27100
Shirley, Linda Revocation 2005-04-04 NA02297
Shode, Kudirat Relief from Probation 2009-10-06 NA11019
Shode, Kudirat Suspension 2006-02-07 NA11019
Shode, Kudirat Probation 2004-12-03 NA11019
Siart, Kimberly, (aka, Costanza, Kimberly) Revocation 2010-03-31 NA13271
Silva, Ana Reprimand 2014-01-06 NA29048
Silva, Antonio, Jr. Relief from Probation 2008-02-12 NA33260
Silva, Antonio, Jr. Probation 2004-09-13 NA33260
Silva, Jason Summary Suspension 2015-09-02 NA33440
Silva, Jorge Surrendered 1994-04-06 NA07425
Silveira, Anna Probation 1999-04-26 NA00147
Silveira, Anna Probation 1999-04-26 NA00147
Silveira, Anna Suspension 2000-12-29 NA00147
Simplice, Tamara Suspension 2005-11-02 NA18811
Simplice, Tamara Probation 2003-05-15 NA18811
Simpson, Scott Suspension 2005-06-22 NA23400
Simpson, Scott Probation 2004-08-02 NA23400
Sirleaf, Varfeeta Revocation 2000-02-15 NA22922
Skavron, Debra Surrendered 1995-01-15 NA06111
Smeltz, Judy Reprimand 2007-01-19 NA28990
Smith, Beryl Relief from Probation 1997-11-04 NA02624
Smith, Beryl Probation 1996-11-14 NA02624
Smith, Brian Surrendered 2011-05-02 NA27017
Smith, Darrell Probation 2005-05-13 NA21626
Smith, Jaclyn Probation 2002-02-27 NA28260
Smith, Jacqueline Suspension 2004-12-10 NA19128
Smith, Roberta, Louise Reprimand 2008-12-11 NA34233
Smith, Stephanie, aka (Ndaiye, Stephanie) Reprimand 2010-09-14 NA32458
Smith, Stephanie, aka (Ndaiye, Stephanie) Probation 2008-04-22 NA32458
Smith, Stephanie, aka (Ndaiye, Stephanie) Suspension 2007-11-08 NA32458
Soares, Kim Revocation 2004-04-16 NA27487
Soria, Melody Probation 2008-10-10 NA31903
Soria, Melody Relief from Probation 2011-11-08 NA31903
Sousa, Debra Surrendered 2000-10-03 NA01967
Sousa, Maria Relief from Probation 1996-05-01 NA04712
Sousa, Maria Probation 1995-03-06 NA04712
Sousa, Michelle Reprimand 2004-03-17 NA24726
Spaziano, Tammy Revocation 1997-07-24 NA02112
Spearman, Rose Relief from Revocation 2009-09-09 NA12987
Spearman, Rose Revocation 2004-07-01 NA12987
Sprowson, Natalie Reprimand 2007-10-02 NA33258
St. Franc, Marie Suspension 2009-07-31 NA37497
St. Franc, Marie Reprimand 2009-01-27 NA37497
St. Franc, Marie Reinstatement 2012-10-24 NA37497
St. Germaine, Gail Revocation 2001-05-28 NA20183
St. Jean, William Revocation 1994-05-04 NA09254
St. Nelus, Marie Reprimand 2007-05-04 NA06977T
Stanford, Jr., James Reprimand 2005-10-13 NA34935
Stanzione, Kathleen Revocation 1998-07-30 NA18268
Stilson, Eudalia, aka (Caraballo, Eudalia), (Serra, Eudalia) Reprimand 2009-03-10 NA18807
Stockwell, Patricia Suspension 2005-11-28 NA27956
Stockwell, Patricia Probation 2004-10-29 NA27956
Stokes, Vera Suspension 2000-09-01 NA10443
Stokes, Vera Reinstatement 2000-10-17 NA10443
Stomberg, Norma Reinstatement 2010-03-09 NA19848
Stomberg, Norma Suspension 2008-08-08 NA19848
Stone, Gina Revocation 2015-02-10 NA28858
Stone, Tammy Revocation 2004-10-08 NA03019
Strachan, Mona Reprimand 2007-07-12 NA33371
Stryesak, Katherine Reprimand 2007-01-19 NA33170
Studley, Kathleen Revocation 2004-06-04 NA15241
Suazo, Roberto Reprimand 2014-09-17 NA35023
Suitor, Melanie Revocation 1998-07-14 NA18181
Sullivan, Christal Reprimand 2004-06-04 NA04136
Sullivan, Christal Relief from Probation 2003-02-18 NA04136
Sullivan, Christal Probation 2002-03-26 NA04136
Sullivan, Sheila Probation 2005-08-24 NA34933
Swain, Jeremy Revocation 2004-08-02 NA24017
Swinburne, Shannon, (a.k.a OBrien, Shannon) Suspension 2006-02-07 NA09017
Swinburne, Shannon, (a.k.a OBrien, Shannon) Probation 2004-10-29 NA09017
Switzer, Daniel Relief from Revocation 2009-01-30 NA12312
Switzer, Daniel Revocation 2003-05-15 NA12312
Sylvestre, Danielle, (a.k.a. Robillard, Danielle) Suspension 2005-06-03 NA33752
Sylvestre, Danielle, (a.k.a. Robillard, Danielle) Reinstatement 2006-05-11 NA33752
Sylvestre, Danielle, (a.k.a. Robillard, Danielle) Relief from Probation 2008-09-15 NA33752
Tabiti, Stella Reprimand 2007-02-19 NA26336
Tapia, Mabel Relief from Suspension 2006-04-14 NA26789
Tapia, Mabel Suspension 2005-12-02 NA26789
Tapia, Mabel Probation 2004-09-13 NA26789
Tarlue, Sunley Probation 2004-05-12 NA28756
Tarty, Tuma Suspension 1994-06-09 NA06572
Tavakalova, Adeline Reprimand 1993-02-22 NA11756
Taylor, Sandra Relief from Probation 2005-12-06 NA29669
Taylor, Sandra Probation 2004-09-13 NA29669
Taylor, Susan Surrendered 1997-12-24 NA21692
Teclar, Agnes Revocation 1993-09-20 NA02566
Tefft, Janice Suspension 2002-06-19 NA28673
Teixeira, Rosa Suspension 2002-09-02 NA05835
Terrana, Ashleigh Suspension 2017-04-18 NA48555
Terry, Alan Relief from Probation 2006-10-03 NA28701
Terry, Alan Probation 2004-04-13 NA28701
Thistlewaite, Danita Relief from Probation 2006-02-16 NA23398
Thistlewaite, Danita Probation 2003-01-15 NA23398
Thomas, Justina Revocation 1993-02-16 NA02861
Thomas, Olugbenga Suspension 2012-05-22 NA29545
Thomas, Pamela Surrendered 2011-11-09 NA42933
Thomas, Tracy Relief from Probation 1997-11-29 NA18067
Thomas, Tracy Probation 1996-11-29 NA18067
Thompson, Keith Revocation 1998-10-19 NA12991
Thompson, Queenie Probation 2004-10-08 NA23663
Thompson, Queenie Relief from Probation 2001-09-18 NA23663
Thompson, Queenie Probation 2000-10-30 NA23663
Tobias, Diane Reprimand 2014-10-06 NA03939
Togbasi, Joyce Reprimand 2007-10-07 NA26122
Tolentino, Katrina (aka Oshinkanlu) Probation 2008-03-31 NA29537
Toner, Ashley Revocation 2007-02-19 NA29192
Toolin, Ardella Relief from Probation 2006-03-14 NA19762
Toolin, Ardella Suspension 2005-12-02 NA19762
Toolin, Ardella Probation 2004-12-10 NA19762
Torchon, MayFlor Reinstatement 2000-07-12 NA24764
Torchon, MayFlor Probation 1999-11-03 NA24764
Torem, Joanne Revocation 2016-03-18 NA19702
Torregrossa, Daniel Suspension 2005-08-24 NA32857
Torres, Iris Satisfied Stipulations 2002-03-12 NA28752
Torres, Iris Reprimand 2001-09-27 NA00956T
Tortolano, Paula Revocation 2007-02-20 NA29782
Toste, Ashley Relief from Probation 2006-02-16 NA30919
Toste, Ashley Probation 2004-05-12 NA30919
Toutain, Delores Probation 1999-11-23 NA00675
Toutain, Delores Suspension 2000-12-15 NA00675
Toweh, Plascer Reprimand 2009-07-13 NA37513
Traskauskas, Vito Probation 1999-11-30 NA09721
Trautman, Tammy, L. Revocation 2011-02-11 NA41392
Travassos, Grimanesa Revocation 2012-01-30 NA19065
Treganowan, Kevin Revocation 1999-09-30 NA21375
Triplett, Katherine Relief from Probation 2007-01-30 NA00940
Triplett, Katherine Suspension 2005-12-02 NA00940
Triplett, Katherine Probation 2004-01-26 NA00940
Tubman, Herbertina Reprimand 2015-08-31 NA47896
Tucker, Karen Probation 2018-03-02 NA52320
Tucker, Kathryn Reprimand 2009-03-30 NA28314
Turchetta, Bernard Suspension 2000-02-29 NA18164
Tutt, Keith Revocation 2001-09-28 NA26799
Ulbin, Deborah Relief from Probation 1997-03-21 NA01983
Ulbin, Deborah Probation 1996-09-20 NA01983
Unsworth, Scott Reprimand 2009-06-05 NA28467
Unsworth, Scott Revocation 2016-03-18 NA28467
Useinoski, Meuludije Revocation 2009-05-15 NA17068
Useinoski, Meuludije Relief from Probation 2008-03-24 NA17068
Useinoski, Meuludije Probation 2006-07-17 NA17068
Vadis, Yemi Probation 1999-05-11 NA08735
Vadis, Yemi Reinstatement 2000-06-13 NA08735
Valdez, Annie Suspension 2009-08-07 NA21840
Valdez, Annie Relief from Probation 2006-07-20 NA21840
Valdez, Annie Probation 2005-09-23 NA21840
Van Cauwenberghs, Kelly Probation 2008-05-06 Applicant
Vargas, Carlos Consent Order 2012-07-11 NA39637
Vasconcelos, Anna Suspension 2000-10-30 NA25668
Vera, Norma Probation 2007-12-26 NA30332
Vera, Norma Suspension 2005-12-02 NA30332
Vera, Norma Probation 2005-03-02 NA30332
Vera, Norma Relief from Probation 2012-04-19 NA30332
Verrastro, Gina Marie Revocation 2009-11-06 NA37738
Veveiros, Tracy A. Probation 2005-08-24 NA34780
Vezele, Garmai Suspension 2005-11-18 NA29245
Vezina, Donna Probation 1993-03-04 NA08850
Vierira, Elvira Forfeiture of License 1998-08-06 NA05334
Vigeant, Robert Relief from Probation 1996-10-01 NA12842
Vigeant, Robert Probation 1995-09-29 NA12842
Violette, Edward Revocation 1997-05-07 NA05797
Wagnac, Marie Probation 2006-10-24 NA07948
Wagnac, Marie Revocation 1998-12-18 NA07948
Wagnac, Marie Relief from Probation 2011-07-12 NA07948
Wahl, Maryann Revocation 2003-04-11 NA27285
Wallace, Paul Reinstatement 2008-09-09 NA05579
Wallace, Paul Suspension 2008-01-30 NA05579
Walo, Carolyn Probation 2004-05-12 NA25592
Wardlow, Diane Revocation 2004-05-12 NA30861
Warren, Kristen Relief from Probation 2008-02-12 NA29502
Warren, Kristen Probation 2006-02-14 NA29502
Warren, Kristen Probation 2004-12-10 NA29502
Waterson, Debbie (Silva) Surrendered 1998-05-28 NA01602
Webb, Patricia Revocation 2008-04-22 NA28704
Weed, Beverly Revocation 1997-03-22 NA17781
West, Vanessa Suspension 2007-09-06 NA22819
Wheeler, Rebecca, A. Revocation 2010-11-09 NA06125
Wilcox, Tara Reprimand 2008-04-15 NA29735
Wilke, Rachel Probation 2008-03-31 NA35628
Wilkins, Victoria Revocation 2001-12-04 NA28666
Williams, John Relief from Revocation 2009-09-09 NA20164
Williams, John Revocation 1998-03-12 NA20164
Williams, Robert Reprimand 2004-10-21 NA27233
Williams, Rynell Reprimand 2004-12-10 NA32447
Williams, Violet Probation 2001-02-15 NA24730
Williams, Violet Probation 1999-12-15 NA24730
Willis, Michelle Revocation 2003-11-26 NA28470
Wise, Thomas Revocation 2004-10-08 NA31498
Wood, Margaret Suspension 2008-11-18 NA36026
Woodard, Deanna Probation 2004-06-14 NA25565
Woodward, Deanna Reinstatement 2006-04-25 NA25565
Woodward, Deanna Suspension 2005-12-02 NA25565
Woody, Theresa (Elliott) Revocation 1999-05-24 NA11859
Wulff, Violet Relief from Probation 2006-02-16 NA13284
Wulff, Violet Probation 2004-02-12 NA13284
WunMeen, Louise Reprimand 2007-04-03 NA21010
Xavier, Eunice Revocation 2016-03-12 NA30597
Xavier, Jose Revocation 2015-10-15 NA47888
Yasick, Deborah Reprimand 2003-05-15 NA22312
Yengbeh, Comfort Moore Reprimand 2008-12-01 NA29943
Young, Linda Suspension 2006-02-03 NA23956
Young, Linda Probation 2005-08-02 NA23956
Young, Valerie Probation 2004-03-22 NA28861
Yusuf, Afusat Relief from Probation 2007-12-11 NA30392
Yusuf, Afusat Probation 2005-11-18 NA30392
Yusuf, Afusat Suspension 2004-10-08 NA30392
Zeigler, Jennifer Reprimand 2007-01-19 NA28653
Zeigler-Fuscaldo, Jennifer Reprimand 2013-03-07 NA28653