Nursing Homes

Licensure and Certification

All nursing homes are required to have a Rhode Island license. Most also choose to be certified by federal Medicare and Medicaid programs. The Office of Health Facilities Regulation performs a variety of regular, unannounced, on-site inspections to ensure that national quality measures are maintained. Periodic standard inspections include a full review of state (and, if appropriate, federal) regulatory standards and follow-up inspections when facilities are cited for non-compliance. Focused inspections also occur to follow up on facility-generated reports and consumer complaints in order to review specific issues and potential violations of standards. Deficiencies cited during inspections that are not corrected result in further action against the facility. Facilities Regulation also conducts in-service training for facility staff as needed..

Quality of Care

Rhode Island measures the quality of care in nursing homes using both federal and state measures. (more)