Order Materials/Publications for Maternal Healthcare Providers

Type of Material Title English Qty Spanish Qty
Brochures Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work or School (WIC: 3.14)
Temporarily Unavailable
Brochures Breastfeeding Record for Babys First Week (WIC: 3.5)
Brochures First Connections
Brochures Fish is Good: Mercury is Bad
Temporarily Unavailable
Brochures Home Visiting Outreach - Expecting a child or are you Parent with questions
Brochures Home Visiting Outreach - Pregnant or A Parent with questions?
Brochures Tips for Pregnant Women to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Young Children
Brochures What You Need to Know Before You Have Your Baby
Brochures WIC Outreach Brochure for Kids (WIC: 46B, Portuguese is available please call)
Brochures WIC Outreach Brochure for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women (WIC: 46A, Portuguese is available please call)
Factsheets What does a safe sleep environment look like? (Portuguese and Chinese also available.)
Forms, Referral Family Visiting Referral (tearpad of 50)
Plans, Strategic Preconception Health
Posters Healthy Babies Are Worth The Wait
Promotional Material, Wallet Cards Breastfeeding Laws (WIC: 3.15)
Promotional Material, cards - packs of 10 Late Preterm Brain Development - Stay Pregnant For At Least 39 Weeks
Web Pages Vaccinations for Adults
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