Rhode Island Diabetes Council

The Rhode Island Diabetes Council provides leadership for diabetes-related activities in the state. Rhode Island Diabetes Council comprises representatives from the community, professional groups, business organizations, third party insurers, health institutions and voluntary organizations. Subcommittees are responsible for activities related to implementing the Diabetes State Plan.


  • Public Education
  • Policy
  • Professional Education
  • Diabetes and Children
  • Diabetes Outpatient Education
  • Diabetes Resource Center


  1. Address issues related to improving the national standards of care provided to people with diabetes and at risk for diabetes throughout the lifespan.
  2. Develop and implement strategies to eliminate health disparities related to diabetes.
  3. Facilitate a network to share resources and information among individuals and organizations involved in diabetes care and across other chronic illnesses.
  4. Provide strategies for workforce development for English and bilingual/bicultural populations to improve patient self-management, patient activation, clinical preventive services and risk factors.
  5. Collaborate with Diabetes Multicultural Coalition and community partners.
  6. Ensure integrated health communication statewide to increase diabetes awareness.
  7. Develop and implement a Diabetes Strategic State Plan.

Diabetes Multicultural Coalition

The Diabetes Multicultural coalition is an advisory committee of subcommittee groups comprised of organizations and individuals whose mission is to inform, educate and bring awareness of diabetes and its complications to all the multi-cultural and multi-lingual communities residing in Rhode Island.


  • To reduce and/or eliminate disparities regarding access to care and/or diabetes complications for persons with diabetes
  • To empower the caretaker(s) to become an integrated member of the diabetes care for the family member with diabetes