Adolescent Health Program


The Adolescent Health program works to promote healthy adolescent development through statewide systems, policies, and initiatives, as well as targeted and integrated interventions to address health risks in high need communities. Build local capacity to support youth development initiatives. The program engages partners, including youth, to focus on medical home model for adolescents, social, emotional, behavioral health supports, and teen pregnancy prevention.

2012 Accomplishments and Milestones

  • Provided training to 8 community based agencies to begin implementing the Teen outreach program to reduce teen pregnancy

What We Do

Adolescence is a time of rapid change and growth. It is also a time of opportunities and risks. Extensive research has shown that youth need the attention of caring adults as much during this period as they do in early childhood. Meeting the following developmental needs of youth, will help ensure their success and well being. Adolescents rely on adults to provide for these needs.