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All-Payer Claims Data Base Program


To develop a database that can be used to study healthcare utilization, costs, and trends to inform the consumer, to inform policy decisions, allow for cost comparison, and provide information for researchers studying healthcare quality in Rhode Island.

What the Database will do

The Rhode Island All Payer Claims Database (RI-APCD), due for data release in 2014, will be a repository of healthcare insurance payment information for people living in Rhode Island or covered by a Rhode Island-based health insurance plan. The data will come from the major health insurance companies doing business in Rhode Island, including fully-insured and self-funded, Medicare and Medicaid. The Rhode Island All Payer Claims Database is a collaboration among the Rhode Island Department of Health, the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner, the Health Benefits Exchanges, and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

The RI-APCD is one of many All Payer Claims Databases being implemented in the country. more.

The data in the RI-APCD will be "de-identified", no information that can be used to identify an individual will be collected. Aggregate, de-identified data will be made available to the general public. Researchers may apply to use a detail dataset with restrictions.

The RI-APCD will include data on medical claims, pharmacy claims, healthcare providers and member enrollment. Historical data will be loaded to include prior year’s data from 2010 through 2013. The data base will not include data for uninsured individuals, uninsured individual obtaining services at a Federally Qualified Health Center; any healthcare service paid directly by an individuals; and uncompensated (free) care. Dental claims and claims for insurers with a relatively small share of the market will not be included.


The current plan calls for the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Information Technology services in the late 2013 and system development in 2014.