Ana Novais, MA Executive Director of Health Community, Family Health and Equity

Team Contacts

Chronic Care and Disease Management Team

Dona Goldman

Health Disparities and Access to Care Team

Dixit Seema

Healthy Homes and Environment Team

Robert Vanderslice

Health Promotion and Wellness Team

Jan Shedd

Perinatal and Early Childhood Health Team

Blythe Berger

Preventive Services and Community Practices Team

Patricia Raymond

Division of Community, Family Health, and Equity

What We Do

  • Work to eliminate health disparities by assuring healthy child development, and prevent and control disease and disability.
  • Use a life course development approach and address the determinants of health as a framework for health planning.
  • Recognize that social, political, and economic policies and conditions determine health outcomes.
  • Value the community as a core partner in public health and work to assure the equity in health is a reality.
  • Plan, develop, and evaluate programs and systems of care, which are comprehensive, community-based, culturally competent, coordinated, and effective.

Who We Are

Our teams represent priority areas that promote synergy, collaboration, integration and coordination among programs: