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First Connections Information for Parents

For many families, having a newborn or a young child is both wonderful and challenging. First Connections can help link you to resources you need and offer encouragement and support. First Connections is a voluntary, free, confidential program for pregnant women and for parents and caregivers of young children, birth to age three.

What We Do

We can send trained, caring professionals to visit your family in your home, at a time convenient for you, to address any questions or concerns about your new baby or young child. One of our First Connections staff may contact your family within a few days after your baby is born to see if you would like a home visit. Other times, a healthcare provider or social service provider, such as WIC, may refer your family to First Connections if they think you would benefit from home visits. We also take requests for home visits from parents and caregivers. We can do home visits in every city and town in Rhode Island. Many of our home visitors speak more than one language.


Infancy and early childhood are important times in life. We're here to help you and your family during these times. You may have questions about breastfeeding, how much a child should be fed, or home safety. Or you may want to talk about your child's development or get help finding child care. Many families ask questions that they are too nervous or shy to ask their healthcare providers. We can also link families with immediate needs to resources and link families to parenting groups. The length of home visits and what happens during a visit depends on your needs.

What You Should Do

If you are interested in receiving a home visit, contact the First Connections provider in your community. You can make a home visiting appointment at any time if you are pregnant or have a child younger than age three.