Center for Food Protection


To protect and promote public health and prevent disease by assuring the safety and quality of the food supply.

What We Do

  • Inspect, review plans and license food establishments including schools
  • Investigate illness complaints and foodborne disease outbreaks
  • Provide 24 hour emergency coverage for fires, accidents and natural disasters involving food products
  • Protect against consumer fraud related to food
  • Develop assisted living food standards
  • Certify food managers
  • Monitor water quality at beach and bathing areas

Programs Within

Food Safety Manager Certification

This program ensures that food establishments have someone on staff who understands how to handle and store food safety. more

Dairy Industry Program

The Dairy Industry Program conducts inspections of fluid milk production and processing facilities. more

Shellfish Inspection Program

The Shellfish Inspection Program protects the health of consumers by regulating the processing and distribution of molluscan shellfish. more