Living Well Rhode Island


The Living Well Rhode Island (LWRI) Program is a low-cost, evidence based disease prevention model that utilizes state of the art techniques to help those with chronic diseases to manage their conditions, improve their health status, and reduce their need for more costly medical care. The program consists of a six week workshop series of two and a half hours per week. The program helps participants develop the skills and coping strategies they need to manage their symptoms through action planning, interactive learning, behavior modeling, problem solving, decision making, and social support for change.

2012 Accomplishments and Milestones

  • Provided Living Well Rhode Island workshops to 822 participants since 2010
  • Completion of LWRI workshops by 649 participants since?2010 for a completion rate of 79%
  • 36 active Leaders in chronic disease self-management education programs
  • 18 active Master Trainers in chronic disease self-management education programs