Office of Minority Health


To provide services so that all racial and ethnic minority populations in Rhode Island will have equal opportunity to live safe and healthy lives in safe and healthy communities. To facilitate access to health information, education and risk reduction activities for racial and ethnic minority communities and to develop policies, plans and tracking systems for ensuring that the needs of these communities are integrated and addressed within all Deparment of Health programs.

What We Do

  • Coordinating resource acquisition and training relating to racial and ethnic minority health - we provides direct training, contracts, data symposiums, video conferences, public forums and resource directories on:
    1. the health status of racial and ethnic minority populations;
    2. model programs and best practices known to be effective in working with racial and ethnic minority populations;
    3. resources available at the State and Federal levels; and
    4. skills-based cultural competency training for department staff.
  • Facilitating access for racial and ethnic minority communities to Department of Health programs and resources - we fulfill this function by
    1. conducting education and outreach to community organizations in order to provide information on minority health problems of concern;
    2. creating linkages between community organizations and Department of Health so as to improve community-access to Department of Health programs;
    3. linking community organizations to resources in the private and public sector; and
    4. stimulating mechanisms generally for increasing awareness of racial and ethnic minority health issues.
  • Providing funding and technical assistance to racial and ethnic communities - The Office of Minority Health works directly with racial and ethnic minority populations, through
    1. the Request-for-Proposal process for the development of Minority Health Promotion Centers and Minority Health Mini-Grant Projects; and
    2. provision of bi-monthly technical assistance workshops designed to provide information and enhance skill sets using available public health resources.
  • Monitoring Department of Health activities related to disease prevention, health promotion, service delivery and research concerning racial and ethnic minority populations - Office of Minority Health to the populations;
    1. review of budgets to assess the distribution of public health dollars allocated to minority health programs, and
    2. serving on proposal review committees.
  • Participating in policy development and decision-making regarding minority health - Office of Minority Health activities include:
    1. working with the members of the MHAC and the Department of Health Executive Committee to use existing data to identify areas of priority for Department of Health;
    2. assisting Department of Health in developing policies and plans for ensuring that the needs of racial and ethnic minorities are addressed by all Department of Health programs.
  • Training and Technical Assistance - provide on-going technical assistance to funded community-based agencies through bi-monthly meetings, program evaluation workshops, videoconferences and other training sessions on minority health.

Programs Within the Office of Minority Health

Refugee Health Program

Healthy RI and CLAS Initiatives