Parents as Teachers


The goals of Parents as Teachers, a long term, evidence-based family visiting program, are to increase parent knowledge of early childhood development and improve parenting practices; provide early detection of developmental delays and health issues; prevent child abuse and neglect; increase children's school readiness and school success.

2012 Accomplishments and Milestones

  • Affiliated one new Parents as Teachers site in Rhode Island
  • Provided funding for services in Central Falls and Pawtucket and increased the number of families able to be served in Woonsocket

Who We Serve in Rhode Island

Expectant mothers and families with infants. Through the MIECHV funding, services are provided to low-income women and men and their families in Central Falls, Pawtucket, Providence, and Woonsocket. Elsewhere in Rhode Island, there are other Parents as Teachers programs, each with their own eligibility requirements. For more information on other Parents as Teachers programs in Rhode Island, please contact the Rhode Island Parent Information Network.

What Parent Educators Do in Rhode Island

Provide culturally-competent, family-centered services

Parents Educators are committed to providing services that embrace and celebrate the richness of all cultures within families. While acknowledging that families have challenges, Parent Educators work with the strengths of each family to manage those challenges.

Link families with medical homes

During prenatal visits, Parent Educators can link expectant mothers with a medical home for their prenatal care. After the birth of a child, Parent Educators work with parents to make sure the child is receiving his or her well-child visits and is up-to-date on hearing, vision, and developmental screenings and immunizations.

Help parents be their child's first and most influential teacher

Using a research-based, evidence-informed curriculum, Parent Educators provide families with developmentally appropriate activities to do with their children both during and after visits. Parents are and should be their child's most influential teacher. Parent Educators partner with parents to achieve this goal.

What You Should Do

Anyone may refer a pregnant woman or family to Parents as Teachers. Referrals are taken from:

  • Healthcare and social service providers, including WIC, if they think an expectant mother would benefit from family visiting
  • Schools;
  • Families (self-referrals or family member referrals). more

If you are interested in participating in Healthy Families America, text baby to 444999 or call 401-222-5960 and ask about Family Visiting.

If you would like to refer an expectant mother or family with a newborn (younger than two weeks old), or have questions about the program, please contact our Resource and Referral Specialist at 401-222-4609.