Special Healthcare Needs, Office Of


The Office of Special Healthcare Needs ensures family-centered, community based, systems of services for children and youth with special healthcare needs through infrastructure building, training and technical assistance, and collaboration with families, other state agencies, heath plans, and community agencies. The Office assures access to care through systems improvement as guided by consumer input, Healthy People 2020 Objectives and Title V federal legislation. The Office is specifically charged with developing and implementing a plan to achieve appropriate community-based systems of services for children and youth with special healthcare needs and their families.

2009 Accomplishments and Milestones

  • 88% of families of children and youth with special needs report the community-based service systems are organizes so they can use them easily.
  • National recognized materials for parents and professionals in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Hearing Loss, Mental Behavioral Health, and Adolescent Transition.

What We Do

  • Family/professional partnership at all levels of decision-making.
  • Access to comprehensive health and related services through the medical home.
  • Early and continuous screening, evaluation and diagnosis.
  • Adequate public and/or private financing of needed services.
  • Organization of community services so that families can use them easily.
  • Successful transition to all aspects of adult healthcare, work, and independence.

Programs Within the Office of Special Healthcare Needs

Adolescent Healthcare Transition Program

Disability & Health Program

Family & Peer Resource Specialist Program

Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project (PPEP)

Key Focus Areas