Looks like candy. Tastes like candy. Hooks and kills like tobacco.

Teen Tobacco Use

Teens are especially vulnerable to nicotine addiction even at low levels of tobacco use and new tobacco products are targeted to attract teens. more

Even though Rhode Island at 4.8% in 2015 has one of the lowest smoking rates for high schoolers teens in the country, this means there is still is a problem.

That same year 19.3% of the same teens reported using electronic nicotine delivery devices.

Flavored tobacco

Candy-like, sweet, flavored tobacco products appeal to children and teens. These products include: chew, snufflike snus, dissolvable tables, and refillable electronic “vaping” devices. None of these are considered smokng. And even though cigarette flavors beyond menthol have been banned the flavored smoking options include: e-cigarette liquids, hookah and powders that dissolve. more

E-cigs or Electronic nicotine delivery devices

E-cigarettes vapes and other devices use a battery to superheats liquid nicotine and turn it into gas which is inhaled. They contain addictive nicotine which is harmful and puts users at-risk of becoming smokers. More e-cigarette users get hooked on smoking lit cigarettes and cigars than non e-cigarette users. E-cigarettes aren’t yet regulated.

What you should do

  • Keep e-cigarettes and all tobacco products out of the hands of youth.
  • Prevent poisonings. Nicotine in liquid form is highly poisonous when touched on skin or ingested. Keep all e-cigarette liquids locked away from children and pets. more
  • Include e-cigarettes in tobacco-free policies for schools, workplaces, recreation areas, parks, beaches, housing, restaurants, bars, and other indoor and outdoor public spaces.
  • Adopt and enforce tobacco retail licensing requirements.more
  • Work with us to prevent youth from using tobacco.