Nursing Homes

What You Should Do

Patients and Caregivers

  • Choose the right nursing home for your needs more
  • Know you have the right to +

Nursing Home Administrators

  • Operate according to Guidelines
  • Report to the Department
  • Use a continuity of care form to communicate health information and provide for the safe transition of individuals (patients/residents) who are transferred from one health environment to another (e.g. from a hospital to a nursing home or to home nursing care; from a nursing home to a hospital). more

What We Do

License Nursing Homes

The Office of Facilities Regulation ensures that nursing homes are operated in accordance with State Laws and regulations regarding the operations, quality of care and quality of life for patients living in the facilities. We conduct unannounced on-site inspections annually and unannounced follow-up inspections when a facility has been cited for non-compliance or based on consumer complaints. We document problems found, if any in a "Statement of Deficiencies" (SOD) report. We provide access to inspection reports and facility correction plans to the public upon request.

State law has placed a moratorium on the licensing of new nursing homes.

Certify nursing homes that participate in Medicare/Medicaid

Most nursing homes in the state accept Medicare and Medicaid payments. The Office of Facilities Regulation is the organization in the state the certifies that these facilities meet the federal standards associated with Medicare and Medicaid programs. As part of the certification process we perform unannounced inspections every nine to fifteen months and short inspections to follow-up.

Report on the Quality of Care

Rhode Island measures the quality of care in nursing homes using both federal and state measures. more