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Beach Closures and Rainfall by Year 2000 — 2014

  • Narragansett Bay has become notably more swimmable since 2009. This was the year that the Narragansett Bay Commission's "Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Program" started to hold back the mixture of rainwater, road runoff and raw sewage that used to run directly into the bay after storms; when there was more water than the treatment plants could handle. The number of closure days per inches of rainfall over the season has been dropping during the past few years. As more storage tunnels are built and used this trend is expected to continue. more

Beach Closures, 2000 to 2014

  • Beaches that monitor water quality frequently tend to have fewer closure days per event.

The number of closures represents the number of individual times the beach has been closed over the time period. The closure days represents the total number of days that the beach was closed over the same period.

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