Community Transformation

A federal grant intended to prevent heart attack, strokes, cancer and other leading causes of death or disability through evidence and practice-based policy, environmental, programmatic, and infrastructure changes that achieve health equity and eliminate health disparities. (more)

Electronic Test Ordering & Reporting Interface Grant

To establish electronic test ordering and resulting interfaces between the Rhode Island State Health Laboratory and their clients who submit specimens for testing. (more)

Health Professional Loan Repayment

This federal grant rewards primary healthcare professionals working in underserved medical areas by assisting in the repayment of student loans. (more)

KIDSNET HL7 Immunization Interface

A grant to establish or improve HL7 immunization interfaces between KIDSNET and electronic health record systems. (more)

Minority Health Mini-Grant

The Rhode Island Department of Health, Office of Minority Health (OMH) is offering Mini-Grants for Y
2014 to qualified community-based coalitions and networks to support programs that provide health information, education and risk reduction activities to reduce the risk of premature death and preventable
disease in minority populations. (more)

Preventative Health & Health Services

This federal grant gives states control of funding so they can tailor prevention and health promotion programs to the diverse, complex, and constantly changing public health needs of their individual communities. (more)

Title V Maternal and Child Health

A federal block grant to support programs aimed at early childhood, middle childhood, adolescent, children with special health care needs, pregnant women and women across the lifespan. (more)