Immunization Information for Healthcare Providers

The Rhode Island State-Supplied Vaccine program provides vaccine to healthcare providers to immunize people of all ages. A table with details about these vaccines, including their age indications, is available for healthcare providers.

Additionally, a series of immunization requirements are in place in Rhode Island to ensure that healthcare providers are properly immunized.

What you should do

Know about school immunization requirements

Children are required to have certain immunizations before they enter day care, pre-kindergarten, child care, kindergarten, 7th grade, and 12th grade. They can be exempted from immunizations for either religious or medical reasons. Religious exemption forms can be obtained from school nurses. A medical exemption form must be provided and signed by a doctor. (Medical exemption forms can be ordered online by healthcare providers.)

Enroll in the State-Supplied Vaccine Program

Healthcare providers can enroll in the program to order vaccine for both pediatric and adult patients. Enrollment must be completed online annually.

Know about State-Supplied Vaccine Program requirements

Providers who participate in the State-Supplied Vaccine Program must agree to the program's terms and conditions and adhere to certain requirements for ordering, storing, and reporting on vaccines.

Before administering any vaccine, healthcare providers must give the current Vaccine Information Statement to patients (or their parents or guardians). This must be documented in the patient's medical record.

Know about patient eligibility

Influenza vaccine

  • Children: State-supplied influenza vaccine can be provided to all children (younger than 19 years of age), regardless of residence.
  • Adults: State-supplied influenza vaccine can be provided to all adult Rhode Island residents.
  • Medicare Fee-For-Service patients: Providers can use any state-supplied adult influenza vaccine for Medicare Fee-For-Service patients. (A Medicare Fee-For-Service patient is any patient whose services are billed directly to Medicare.) Providers will have to reimburse the Department of Health for doses administered to Medicare Fee-For-Service patients at the purchase price of the vaccine. Providers will be required to report weekly to the Department of Health on the products and quantities of vaccine administered to Medicare Fee-For-Service patients.

Non-influenza vaccine

Non-influenza state-supplied vaccine can be provided to all children (younger than 19 years of age). Adult, insured Rhode Island residents and adults who are non-Rhode Island residents but who are covered by a Rhode Island employer’s health plan are also eligible for non-influenza state-supplied vaccine if they are:

  • 19 to 26 years of age, or
  • At high risk, regardless of age.

Adults who are not in one of these categories can be vaccinated as follows:

Patient type Where/how to vaccinate
Uninsured but able to pay Privately-purchased vaccine, St. Joseph Center for Health and Human Services, or at a pharmacy
Uninsured and unable to pay Patient Assistance Program sites and St. Joseph Center for Health and Human Services
Insured, but not through a Rhode Island employer Privately-purchased vaccine or at a pharmacy
Covered by Medicare Fee-For-Service Can utilize SSV for influenza only, but providers will have to reimburse the Department of Health for doses administered at the purchase price of the vaccine. For all other adult vaccines, provider can purchase private stock for their patients or refer Medicare FFS patient to pharmacy.

Immunization Resource Manual

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